Build A Green-Water Fleet

By Captain Wayne P. Hughes, Jr., U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 2018
The Navy needs not just a blue-water, high-end force, but also a green-water, fast, lethal, small, light, agile fleet to take the fight to the enemy in the littorals. And ...

There's a Case for Diesels

By Ensigns Michael Walker and Austin Krusz, U.S. Navy
June 2018
Since the USS Nautilus (SSN-571) set sail in 1954, nuclear power has been the defining characteristic of the U.S. Navy’s undersea dominance. The performance advantages of nuclear submarines over conventional ...

Where Is Navy BMD?

By Captain Kevin Eyer, U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 2018
Is ballistic missile defense a Navy mission? If so, the Navy needs to get serious about “really” testing it. This recent test firing from Hawaii—like others—was under ideal conditions.

Build Better Fleets

By Lieutenant Daniel Stefanus, U.S. Navy
June 2018
By identifying gaps and limitations and enacting solutions to them, the United States can recalibrate the Navy to out-think and out-develop all challengers—be they terrorists or great powers. This process ...
To remain on the cutting edge, DOD needs to co-opt venture capitalists.

Part III—Innovation Matters

by Commander Colin Supko, U.S. Navy Reserve
June 2018
Government leaders must understand and invest manpower and resources into the venture capitalist (VC) ecosystem to leverage these super nodes of the private innovation industry.
Proceedings Photo of the Week for 22 June

Photo of the Week: 22 June

June 2018
This week's photo shows Navy Damage Controlman 3rd Class Chris McNeil from the USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) as he prepares to rescue a dummy victim in a shipboard fire-fighting simulator ...

Focus on Offensive Cyberspace Operations

By Captain Jesse A. Thompson, U.S. Marine Corps
June 2018
Cyber combat mission teams must be used as offensive forces, not merely supplemental (and inadequate) SigInt platforms. This will require changes up to the level of combatant commands, where a ...

It's Not Just the Forward Deployed

By Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
June 2018
The Aegis-guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald in 2017.I had the privilege of serving with some of the most talented and dedicated sailors and civilians in our Navy, culminating in what ...

Professionalize Surface Maintenance Managers

By Captain John Cordle, U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 2018
Although the trend in the past decade has been to combine or eliminate ratings, the surface navy could benefit from what naval aviation has learned in the management of maintenance ...

DARE 2018: Confront Reality

By Steve Cohen
June 2018
DARE 2018 brought together 60 forward-thinking uniformed personnel and civilians to address two issues presented by Marine Corps Commandant General Robert Neller: alcohol and resiliency.
The submarine force is not immune to incidents and collisions.

The Submarine Force Has Issues, Too

By Andrew Kerr
June 2018
The attention focused on the surface navy in the wake of 2017's collisions should not distract members of the submarine force from their own introspection. Four sub collisions in the ...

Behind Enemy Lines: A Marine in East Germany

Colonel Richard Camp, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
June 2018
Then-Major Michael Ennis (left) was part of the U.S. Military Liaison Mission in East Germany following WWII. "Our job was to collect intelligence," Ennis recalls. "The proximity to Soviet forces ...

Mariners or Machines: Who's At the Helm?

By Dr. Kimberly Culley and Captain Chris Harkins, U.S. Navy
June 2018
Building in layers of safety and sharpening the warfighting edge does not necessarily mean using technology more, but rather using it more effectively. Deftly applied automation can buy back time ...
Australian Defense Forces off the eastern coast of Australia.

Photo of the Week: 15 June

June 2018
This week's photo shows members of the Australian Defence Force off the eastern coast of Australia in Exercise Sea Series 18. U.S. Marines and Navy corpsmen with the Marine Rotational ...

Receive the Gifts of Leadership

By Major Margaret M. Seymour, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
June 2018
There are three gifts that every leader can receive: meaning, a legacy, and betterment of self.Countless books, articles, essays, and podcasts offer discussions of leadership—how to recognize it and ...

Book Reviews

June 2018
Bring Out the Dog: StoriesWill Mackin. New York: Random House, 2018. 173 pp. $27.Reviewed by Lieutenant Jarrod Suess, U.S. Navy“Soon enough, their noise became a memory; then ...

Taiwan Will Build Subs with U.S. Help

By Norman Friedman
June 2018
Taiwan currently has four submarines, two diesel-electric subs purchased from the Dutch, including the Sea Tiger shown here (foreground) and two ex-U.S. Navy GUPPY subs used for training only, including ...

Combat Fleets of the World

By Eric Wertheim
June 2018
Mitsuhiro KadotaThe Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force retired its 33-year old submarine rescue ship JS Chiyoda on 20 March 2018 and replaced her with an identically named rescue ship ...

Trade U.S. Presence for North Korean Nukes

By Captain David Allan Adams, U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 2018
Some reports suggest that the Trump administration may be considering using the U.S. presence on the Korean Peninsula “as a bargaining chip in nuclear negotiations with North Korea.” Proposals to ...

Be Aces For All Seasons

By Lieutenant (j.g.) Mark Jbeily, U.S. Navy
June 2018
In October 2016, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Navy gave the public a glimpse into the future of aerial combat in the skies above Naval Air ...

Improve RIMPAC

By Evelyn Boettcher
June 2018
With RIMPAC 2018 fast approaching, an insider offers recommendations to exercise planners and leaders as they prepare their upcoming security cooperation efforts, particularly in the area of Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief.

Visualize Chinese Sea Power

By Professor James Holmes
June 2018
As China has built its naval power, it has relied on a variety of ideas—old and new, Eastern and Western. For U.S. military leaders seeking to understand China’s naval aspirations ...

The Manned-Unmanned Team Is the Future

By Ensign Brendan O’Donoghue, U.S. Navy
June 2018
This is the Capstone Essay Contest winner in the Aviation CategoryTechnological advancements in many different fields have given rise to the growing if somewhat fantasized concern, fed by movies ...

Professional Reading Builds Better Leaders

By Second Lieutenant Karl Flynn, U.S. Marine Corps
June 2018
This is the Capstone Essay Contest winner in the Marine Corps categoryIn his 2018 Message to the Force, Marine Corps Commandant General Robert Neller tells Marines, “Hone your warfighter ...

Train Resilient Sailors

By Ensign Anne Fisher, U.S. Navy
June 2018
Resiliency is not a new word at the U.S. Naval Academy or in the surface warfare community. For four years, midshipmen are bombarded with the term while sleeping through briefs ...

Would Nimitz Win a Midway Today?

By Captain James McGrath, U.S. Navy
June 2018
On 28 May 1942, in advance of the Battle of Midway, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz wrote to his strike force commander, “You will be governed by the principle of calculated ...

Producing Unmanned Systems Even Lawyers Can Love

By Captain George Galdorisi, U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 2018
Advances in artificial intelligence, coupled with popular movies such as Ex Machina where robots turn on their humans, have exacerbated concerns the military might lose control of armed autonomous systems ...

If It Floats, It Fights

By Lieutenant Commander Collin Fox, U.S. Navy
June 2018
Photo courtesy Google X Balloon warfare in the 21st Century will require ship-launched, high-altitude lifters for robust C4ISR and persistent, very long–range fires. The prospect of war with near peers ...

Man the Boats

By Captain Andrew Mirsch, USMC
June 2018
The Marine Corps is the United States’ premier expeditionary-amphibious fighting force in readiness. Changes in the future operating environment, however, will challenge the way the Corps projects power from the ...

Framing Marine Corps Culture

By Major Anthony Pollman, USMC (Ret.)
June 2018
Marine Corps culture is rooted in the service’s long and storied history. Arguably, its culture is what differentiates it from other services and contributes to its fighting prowess and success ...

Editor's Page

June 2018
In this column, we try to give you, the reader, insight into the content of the magazine. This month, however, before covering content, we want to talk about some great ...

Comment and Discussion

June 2018
Rethinking the Naval Academy Curriculum(See, W. Wolff, Proceedings Today, April 2018 Proceedings)Midshipman First Class Wolff asserts that the two most important tenets of naval officership are ...

Put the Guns in a Box

By Captain J. W. “Stretch” Phillips, U.S. Navy (Retired), and Dr. Anthony Wells
June 2018
The Navy’s capability to deliver long-range, accurate, naval surface fire support (NSFS) for Marines or conventional naval operations is inadequate. The millions of dollars the Navy has invested in missiles ...

Be First to Shoot

By Lieutenant John Tanalega, U.S. Navy
June 2018
In the near future, unmanned systems will be prolific in the maritime domain. Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson wrote in 2017 that unmanned systems must be an “integral ...

Nap for High Performance

By Debbie Vyskocil
June 2018
While serving in the U.S. Army, Colonel Jill Morgenthaler used many lessons from her father, Marine Colonel Wendell Morgenthaler, including following in his footsteps as a second lieutenant in Korea ...

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