Every week, the Proceedings Podcast covers a wide range of topics and brings the pages of Proceedings and Naval History to life.  


Join the Editor-in-Chief of Proceedings, Bill Hamblet, and Editor-in-Chief of Naval History, Eric Mills, as they host a variety of Proceedings and Naval History authors and naval leaders “in the know” to discuss issues facing the Sea Services and explore the latest trending topics and stories from USNI News. 


Whether you're a history major at the U.S. Naval Academy, or you just want to broaden your knowledge base, the best Naval History editions sponsored by the William M. Wood foundation are great for anyone looking to add naval history to their media diet. Join Naval History Editor-in-Chief Eric Mills as he dives into Naval History articles, offers first-person accounts, and discuss well known and not so well known events in naval history to help inform opinions by understanding naval historical context.


EP. 380: Double-Edged Sword

12 February 2024

Author Andrew Blackley talks to Naval History Editor-in-Chief Eric Mills about his prize-winning essay for the CNO Naval History Contest.

EP. 378: Interview with the SWO Boss

07 February 2024

VADM Brendan McLane, Commander, Naval Surface Forces talks readiness, manning, Red Sea operations, and directed energy weapons with host Bill Hamblet.

EP. 376: Wartime Command & Control

26 January 2024

Host Bill Hamblet talks with Retired Admiral Scott Swift, former commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, about his recent contribution to Phase III of the American Sea Power Project.

EP. 374: It's All About Sea Control

29 December 2023

Host Bill Hamblet talks with Navy Commander Anthony LaVopa about the article he recently co-authored for Phase III of the American Sea Power Project.