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 JS Izumo transits the South China Sea while doing maritime operations with a U.S. surface action group.

Japan’s Refitted Izumo-class Ship Is Still a Defensive Platform

By Admiral Dennis C. Blair and Captain Christopher Rodeman, U.S. Navy (Retired)
March 2019

Japan’s new National Defense Program Guidelines (NDPG) calls for more attention to areas such as space, cyber, and the electromagnetic spectrum. Critical reaction to the NDPG in Japan, however, has ...

Brig Marines simulate being awardees during a Correctional Custody Unit demonstration Jan. 12 2018

The Marine Corps Needs Correctional Custody Units

By Gunnery Sergeant Jamell Lovett, U.S. Marine Corps
March 2019

We all have done something of which we are not proud, an act that had or could have had repercussions for our careers. A second chance to prove that a ...

Image of a future war with future armored personnel carriers

After-Action Review: Automated Valor

Lieutenant Colonel ML Cavanaugh, U.S. Army
March 2019

Sure, you love your smartphone. But what if that sleek digital device served as your company commander—would you follow it? Would you die for a computer program’s decision? Can valor ...

Aerial starboard bow view of the French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle

Plug and Fight: A French Air Wing on a U.S. Carrier

By Commander Christophe Charpentier, French Navy
March 2019
A French carrier squadron trained with a U.S. carrier strike group while their aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, underwent a midlife upgrade. The improved interoperability that resulted will benefit ...

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