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Proceedings Podcast Ep. 304: Maintaining Relations In The Indo-Pacific

02 December 2022
The Honorable Randall Shriver, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs and Chairman of the Board of the Project 2049 Institute talks about China, Taiwan, growing friction in the Indo-Pacific, and what the United States and its allies can do to maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific.
Seaplane cartoon

Splash Twelve

By Tyler E. Totten
December 2022
2022 Naval Institute-CIMSEC Fiction Contest 3rd Prize Winner. A U.S. Navy convoy comes under attack in the South China Sea, and a squadron of seaplane fighters strikes back.
USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)

Exit Music

By Ben Plotkin
November 2022
2022 Naval Institute-CIMSEC Fiction Contest Winner—Second Prize. In a future second Battle of Leyte Gulf, an Artificial Intelligence commander orders the Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group to take almost ...
AI generated image

Bulldogs Away

By Ralph G. Francisco
November 2022
2022 Naval Institute-CIMSEC Fiction Contest Winner—First Prize. New USN missile boats desperately try to engage approaching Chinese landing forces.

CEO Notes

December 2022
As the Naval Institute prepares to celebrate its sesquicentennial in 2023, we are reminded that the Institute has been through many periods of global change.

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