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For current, full-time students enrolled at an accredited institution or active-duty personnel participating in professional military education at a DoD command or Naval Community College students.

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For those over 60 – get a lifetime of access to and all benefits therein, plus special life member gifts to remind you of your commitment to the Sea Services, at a discounted rate.

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Other ways to join the U.S. Naval Institute

Gift Membership: Select the category of your choice and provide a gift to a deserving individual. 

Full International Membership: For those individuals that live abroad, extra fees cover the international postage for the print editions of Proceedings.

Organizational Membership: Receive Proceedings at your library or office. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can join online by selecting the membership category of your choice. The Naval Institute offers several categories of membership from student to digital to lifetime membership.

Or you can contact the Member Services Department by telephone:
Phone: 1-800-233-8764 or 410-268-6110
Fax: 410-571-1703

You can also contact Member Services by email at

Please visit our Membership page and select your preferred category of membership. Once selected, you can pay for Membership by using your MasterCard, VISA or American Express. All transactions are secure and encrypted.

If you prefer, you can also join by calling toll-free 1-800-233-8764.

You can review your Membership status by logging into your Member Profile page or by contacting Member Services.

Phone: 1-800-233-8764 or 410-268-6110
Fax: 410-571-1703

To send a Gift Membership, please visit our Membership category page and select the category of your choice. Check “Is this membership a gift for another person?” option prior to adding the Membership to your cart.

Subscriptions to Naval History magazine are just $29 for active members. 

To subscribe, visit the Naval History subscription page.

Please be sure to log in to receive the discounted Member rate.

You may also contact Member Services at 1-800-233-8764 or send an email to

You may log into your account by visiting You may also contact Member Services at 1-800-233-8764 to notify them of your change of address or by e-mail at

To renew your Naval Institute Membership or your Naval History subscription, please log in to your Member account page and select "Renew." You may also contact Member Services:

By phone:

or 410-268-6110.

By Fax: 410-571-1703

Or by email:

Sometimes, no matter how we try to prevent it from happening, you may receive an invitation to join the U.S. Naval Institute by mail or email, even though you are currently a member in good standing. Why? Our database sometimes fails to match your name and address, as it appears on the mailing, with the name and address under which your membership is recorded. This situation can occur due to misspellings, issues of home versus business addresses, or nickname versus proper name, changes of address, or a variety of other reasons. 

If you receive a membership invitation in error, please mark "Already a Member" on the application and return it to us in the provided envelope. This will ensure we don't continue to mail membership solicitations to this address.

Membership with the U.S. Naval Institute puts you in a community of engaged citizens that believe in our mission: Since 1873, the U.S. Naval Institute has been the nation’s foremost open, independent, and non-partisan forum for those dare to read, think, speak, and write to advance the professional, literary, and scientific understanding of sea power and other issues critical to global security.

Our members write, debate, and discuss key issues that ultimately strengthens the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Membership benefits include: a subscription to our award-winning Proceedings magazine; discounts to over 1,000 titles from books published by the Naval Institute Press; a discounted subscription to Naval History magazine; a subscription to our weekly USNI News members-only newsletter; special invitations to conferences and events; access to over 150 years of archival information such as historic photos, oral histories, and so much more!

Please contact our Accounting Department
By Phone: 1-800-233-8764 or 410-268-6110
By Email:

Your Member number can be found in your member profile when you are logged in to the U.S. Naval Institute website. It can also be found on the address label of your Proceedings or Naval History magazine. Located above your name, it's the first eight digits, beginning with the letter C followed by two or three zeroes.

Alternately, you can contact Member Services at 1-800-233-8764 or email for a replacement member card.

The Naval Institute partnered with PCI (Publishing Concepts, Inc.) to produce the Membership Directory. Please call PCI’s customer service line at 1-800-982-1590 if you have any questions or concerns about the Directory. Should PCI not be able to answer your question, or if you have additional questions, you can call U.S. Naval Institute Member Services at 1-800-233-8764 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM or email