Highlights from Naval History

How Nimitz Coped

By Captain Michael A. Lilly, U.S. Navy (Retired)
February 2022
How does one maintain one’s steady resolve while overseeing the largest naval conflict ever fought? For Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, the answer was friends and family.

The Brothers Brown

By William J. Prom
February 2022
From Lake Erie to Lake Champlain, behind the scenes of U.S. naval glory in the War of 1812 there stood a pair of immensely talented and remarkably prolific shipbuilding siblings.

Ships of the U.S. Air Force

By Jon Hoppe
December 2021
With focus now on the development of manned space flight and intercontinental ballistic missiles, the Air Force needed a way to track and gather data on its missile tests.
USNI dog 10

Sea Dogs

By Scot Christenson
December 2021
A collection of sea going dogs photographs.

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