Highlights from Naval History
Young woman and USNA midshipman

Midshipmen Summer Training Cruise 1940

By Captain Amedeo H. Galvani, USN (Ret) Introduction and notes by Captain William Galvani, USN (Ret)
October 2020
Captain Amedeo H. Galvani, USN (Ret) recalls his summer cruise as a midshipman during the summer of 1940.
History Makers Interviews

'At That Very Moment in Time': Part One

By Fred Schultz
October 2020
October 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the Naval Institute Press book History Makers: Interviews. Assembled in this volume is a select lineup of notable people whose words appeared in ...
HMS Erebus

The Lost Franklin Expedition

By Frankie Witzenburg
October 2020
When Sir John Barrow took up the position as Second Secretary of the Admiralty of the United Kingdom in 1804, he inherited a legacy of European naval exploration that spanned ...

A Heapin' Helpin' of "Gedunk"

By Scot Christenson
October 2020
To most civilians, the pervasive use of acronyms, initialisms, and jargon in the U.S. Navy may seem like an impenetrable secret language. Although many naval words and phrases have managed ...

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