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History Makers Interviews

'At That Very Moment in Time'—Part Two

By Fred Schultz
December 2020
As we concluded Part One of this look back on the 20th anniversary of the Naval Institute Press book History Makers: Interviews, a longtime U.S. Naval Institute member, retired ...
Trost, Carlisle Albert Herman

Admiral Carlisle Trost as CNO

By Taira Payne
December 2020
Future Admiral Carlisle A. H. Trost entered the U.S. Naval Academy in 1949. He was commissioned an ensign in 1953, graduating first in his class. He reported to the destroyer ...
Marines on Wake Island fire a .30-caliber Browning machine gun on 23 December 1941—the final day of fighting—in this illustration by artist Albin Henning.

On Our Scope

Eric Mills
December 2020
There are arch-foes whose names remain forever linked: Montcalm and Wolfe. Holmes and Moriarty. And, of especially enduring interest to us, Nelson and Napoleon. Arguably even more than the obvious ...
Pieces of the Past

Pieces of the Past

By Eric Mills
December 2020
If you’re a naval-oriented collector, perhaps you own a battleship model, be it a plastic Revell or a handcrafted beauty worth hundreds of dollars.
Reina Mercedes 1898

'The Fastest Ship in the Navy'

By Jon Hoppe
October 2020
On 29 April 1898, Admiral Pascual Cervera y Topete of the Spanish Navy steamed out of the Cape Verde Islands with a fleet of four armored cruisers and three destroyers ...
Young woman and USNA midshipman

Midshipmen Summer Training Cruise 1940

By Captain Amedeo H. Galvani, USN (Ret) Introduction and notes by Captain William Galvani, USN (Ret)
October 2020
Captain Amedeo H. Galvani, USN (Ret) recalls his summer cruise as a midshipman during the summer of 1940.

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