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Battle between Continental Ship Bonhomme Richard and HMS Serapis, 23 September 1779pwreck mystery that has led to at least two possible wreck locations.

Naval History News

April 2019
Another Possible Location for the Bonhomme Richard, new clues in the loss of the Confederate submarine Hunley, and the 160th Anniversary of the Pensacola Naval Air Station lighthouse.
Starboard profile drawing of USS Wyoming (Monitor No. 10)

Last of Her Line

By J. M. Caiella
April 2019
The USS Wyoming (Monitor No. 10) had a relatively benign and unremarkable career as the last of a ship type that saw its heyday in the U.S. Navy nearly a ...
 Japanese Type 93 “Long Lance” torpedo on display at the U.S. Naval Academy

A Massive Torpedo

By Norman Friedman
April 2019
The capabilities of the Type 93 torpedo were such a well-kept secret, and so far beyond those of U.S. torpedoes, that the U.S. Navy did not appreciate the threat it ...

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