Highlights from Naval History
1.1 Anti aircraft gun

Shipwreck Discovery

By Emily Martin
April 2023
Additional photos of the wrecks of the USS Juneau and USS Lexington discovered in March 2018.
WWI Corpsmen

Sailors in Olive Drab

By James P. Gregory Jr.
April 2023
During the final year of World War I, enlisted U.S. Navy medical personnel performed great acts of heroism amid the killing fields of the Western Front.
USS Thresher

On Our Scope

April 2023
Our cover story this issue commemorates the 60th anniversary of the loss of the Thresher—and offers a compelling case for a possible solution.
A PB-1W Flying Fortress

A Bomber Without Bombs

By Norman Polmar
April 2023
The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress—the most famous Allied bomber of World War II—was not the fastest bomber, nor did it have the largest bomb capacity, nor the longest range, nor ...

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