Highlights from Naval History
Captain Truman J. Hedding, kamikaze pilots

‘To Us It’s Bushido’

By Vice Admiral Truman J. Hedding, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
April 2020
During World War II, then-Captain Truman Johnson Hedding (1902–95) was at the forefront of events during the final phase of fighting in the Pacific. He got up close and personal ...
Sam Morrison's War

Sam Morison’s Long Campaign

By David Sears
April 2020
After bouncing between Atlantic and Pacific theaters observing U.S. naval operations during World War II, Samuel Eliot Morison embarked on an equally arduous undertaking: writing his 15-volume history of the ...
historic cruiser Olympia

Naval History News

April 2020
Bikini Wreck Sites Mapped In a remote Pacific locale in the 1940s and ’50s, the United States conducted a series of nuclear weapons tests, sinking warships, tanks, and other vehicles ...

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