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As military budgets are under relentless scrutiny, it is essential for leading defense companies, financial services firms and educational institutions to demonstrate their commitment to fresh thinking, to robust debate, to winning on the merits. By aligning your brand with that of the Naval Institute, you can position your company with the world’s premier military forum.

About the U.S. Naval Institute

Day-in and day-out, for 145 years, the Naval Institute has fostered challenging debate and delivered the world’s most vigorous independent forum on naval, defense, and national security issues. Proceedings is widely read with a well-earned reputation for candor and independence. The Proceedings regularly feature articles written by young thought leaders in the Sea Services, many of whom will go on to be Chiefs of Naval Operations, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Commandants, Combatant Commanders, Systems Commanders, Secretaries of the Navy, Deputy Secretaries of Defense, as well as international chiefs of naval service. For example, Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander, first wrote for Proceedings as an ensign. Fleet Admiral Ernest King won the General Prize Essay Contest as a lieutenant in 1909.  Fleet Master Chief Paul Kingsbury won prizes in two essay contests this year.  Admiral James (Sandy) Winnefeld, former Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, first published as a midshipman and won the General Prize Essay Contest as a Lieutenant Commander.

Military readers consistently rank Proceedings as a “must read” and as the “most credible,” “most relevant,” and “most important” among all military journals. For this reason, Institute media command great respect. Virtually every major news organization has quoted or linked to the U.S. Naval Institute as an authoritative source, doing so more than 250,000 times in 2016 alone. With the launch of its daily news site, USNI News, the Institute has expanded its reach, achieving more than a million page views per month during 2017. It has become a source of sources for the media, domestic and international. The Institute now has 10,000 midshipmen and cadets as members.

The Naval Institute is held in high esteem by U.S. and foreign military and government leaders. It is able to speak with authority across all the military services. And, it reaches across all naval “tribes”—from submarines to surface warfare to aviation, from the Navy to the Marine Corps and Coast Guard—and helps leaders understand what’s at stake in the critical program and operational tradeoffs we face today.

The Naval Institute has strong leadership. Retired Admiral Jim Stavridis chairs the Board of Directors. Retired Navy Admirals Tim Keating, Richard Mies, and Sandy Winnefeld, Marine Corps General John Allen, and Coast Guard Vice Admiral Sally Brice-O’Hara serve on the Institute’s Board. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Peter Pace chairs the Naval Institute Foundation Board of Trustees.

If you are trying to reach the decision-makers in the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps no one comes close to the Naval Institute.  Today our reach extends further than ever before as we have expanded into daily content for our influential readership.

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Our flagship publication, Proceedings, stands alone in importance, influence, and impact.  Our readership is a who’s who of Sea Services and Defense industry leaders—The Honorable Robert Work, Admiral John Richardson, Admiral Scott Swift, General Robert Neller, Admiral James Stavridis, Admiral Paul Zukunft, and Congressmen are just a few of the people who pay to receive Proceedings each month. Who else reads Proceedings?

  • Nearly 51,000 readers each month

  • About 15,000 paid active-duty Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps readers

  • Proceedings is the ONLY monthly naval publication with paid active-duty readership.
  • 65% of the Flag Officers in the Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps are paid Proceedings subscribers

  • Members of Congress and the professional committee staff who control defense spending

  • Your potential customers—Proceedings is in the Wardroom, Ready Room, and Chief’s Mess of every U.S. Navy Ship, Squadron, and Submarine, and every Coast Guard Cutter

  • Officers and senior civilian decision-makers with budgetary authority in the Pentagon and at every Navy, Marine and Coast Guard Command in the world

No other print publication reaches the level of critical Sea Services policy-setters and decision-makers that Proceedings does, and no one carries the editorial weight and gravitas of our writers and editors.


Our digital properties have grown exponentially over the past five years and are the clear market leaders in reaching our Sea Services audience.

USNI News exploded onto the scene to become the Sea Services online “daily" of record.  Already bookmarked and read by military readers around the globe, USNI News targeted content features four to five original stories daily. It increases the Naval Institute’s already significant reach and influence to even more of the Sea Services most influential players. Each month, our top ten cities include Washington, San Diego, New York, Los Angeles and Norfolk so you know the right people — those who have and still are serving—are reading us.

  • Full-time online journalists research and write all original content.

  • More than 1,000,000 page views are generated each month, 25% of which is international

  • Stories are featured almost every day on “CHINFO Clips” and on just about every other news organization that counts.

  • A daily digest gets pushed out to 35,000+ subscribers each night and features more than a 30% open rate!

Proceedings Today, USNI.org and the USNI Blog

Proceedings Today launched in May 2017 and already has become a favorite destination on our website. Expanding upon the magazine’s mission to provide an open forum for the nation’s defense, Proceedings Today is four or five stories a week—mostly commentary and analysis on events happening in and impacting the Sea Services and national security. It allows the Naval Institute to reach Proceedings readers between the monthly magazine releases. With numbers trending sharply up, online readership of Proceedings and Proceedings Today features—

  • More than 40,000 unique page views a week

  • Individual stories have reached as high as 30,000 unique page views

  • A weekly e-mail digest that goes to 60,000 subscribers with more than a 20% open rate and 4% click rate

The final digital portions of the U.S. Naval Institute’s offering include our main website and our blog. USNI.org is the place to further engage with our members and is where all of our e-commerce takes place. At USNI.org people can join the U.S. Naval Institute, purchase books, register for conferences, and keep up with all that’s new at the Institute.

Our Blog is the leading naval blog in the country—both in numbers and influence.  A spot for lively discussions and provocative ideas, the Blog is a favorite destination for those who want to engage in the exchange of ideas that are a life-blood of the Institute.

  • USNI.org has 250,000+ page views a month

  • USNI Blog has 100,000+ page views a month