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By Captain Bill Hamblet, U.S. Navy (Retired), Editor-in-Chief, Proceedings
July 2019
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CEO Notes

By Vice Admiral Peter H. Daly, U.S. Navy (Retired), CEO & Publisher
July 2019
As we celebrate our Independence on July 4th, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for their commitment to the Naval Institute.
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Comment & Discussion

July 2019
Non-Nuclear Submarines? Choose Fuel Cells (See J. Minnehan, pp. 60–61, June 2019) Allow me to jump on the bandwagon with Ensign Minnehan. From a special operations point of view, the ...
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‘Scotty, I Need More Power!’

By Adriane Stebbins and Captain Kevin Eyer, U.S. Navy (Retired)
July 2019
Ships will require new electric plants and distribution to power the next generation of weapons and sensors.
A Marine calls in fire support during a mechanized assault course

A Call for Cyber Fire

By Captain Aric A. Ramsey, U.S. Marine Corps
July 2019
The U.S. military needs to develop and fully integrate a cyber doctrine into its training to compete on the battlefield of the future.
U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen take the oath of office to become Navy officers during the graduation and commissioning ceremony

The (un)Ethics of Compliance

By Lieutenant Commander Steven R. Moffitt, U.S. Navy
July 2019
The Navy must reinforce in its officer corps a culture that encourages ethical conduct in all circumstances.
A Navy UDT swimmer prepares to jump into the water during recovery of the Apollo 11 space capsule

The Near Miss of Apollo 11

By Captain Forrest “Zeke” Zetterberg, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired), As Told to Carol Zetterberg
July 2019
Bad weather, equipment failures, and last-minute adjustments could have spelled disaster for the 24 July 1969 Apollo 11 recovery mission.
Female submariners standing at a control panel

Gender Still Matters

By Lieutenant Phoebe Kotlikoff, U.S. Navy
July 2019
Female officers on submarines can set new standards for leadership, as diversity in the wardroom promotes a healthy command culture.
Destroyers steaming

You Miss 100% of the (Missile) Shots You Don’t Take

By Lieutenants (junior grade) Richard Kuzma and Tom Wester, and Ensign Artem Sherbinin, U.S. Navy
July 2019
To meet the challenges of great power competition, the Navy must leverage its current fleet, weapons, and capabilities to increase surface force lethality in a high-end fight.
Italian amphibious assault ship Triest launching at Stabia, Italy

Combat Fleets

By Eric Wertheim
July 2019
The Italian and Philippine navies launched new ships while the United States began advanced construction of the Columbia (SSBN-826).

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