Cooperate for Sea Control

By Major Brian Kerg, U.S. Marine Corps
December 2021
Marine Corps Essay Contest—Second Prize, Sponsored by BAE Systems. The Marine Corps has the expertise to gain access and persist during expeditionary advanced base ops.
Jack C. Taylor Conference Center

DARE: A Model for Military Innovation

By Lieutenant Commander Kelly E. Welsh, U.S. Navy (Retired)
December 2021
A three-day experience rooted in Design Thinking, DARE gives tactical-level leaders the rare chance to collaborate and directly influence the Sea Service chiefs.
illustration - plane

Security by Obsolescence

By Captain James Schmitt, U.S. Air Force
December 2021
In this fictional near future, a naval patrol drone identifies a potential Chinese invasion fleet and must rely on outdated technology to save the day.
Ted Williams

Asked & Answered

December 2021
Which professional athlete, actor, or musician had the most distinguished or interesting Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard service record?

Toward a New Navalism

By Andrew K. Blackley
December 2021
Second Prize, CNO Naval History Essay Contest, Professional Historian Category, Sponsored by General Dynamics. The Navy must broaden its message to educate American taxpayers on the importance of sea power.
unmanned vehicle

Use Loitering Munitions Against Ships

By Captain Walker D. Mills, U.S. Marine Corps, and Lieutenant Joseph Hanacek and Lieutenant Commander Dylan Phillips-Levine, U.S. Navy
December 2021
Equipping infantry Marines with loitering munitions to employ against adversary surface vessels will keep them relevant in littoral combat.
The USS Marblehead (CL-12)

The Story Behind the Photo

By Captain Gerard D. Roncolato, U.S. Navy (Retired)   
December 2021
A 1942 photo of the heavy cruiser Houston tells a story of courage and sacrifice relevant to today.

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