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CEO Notes

June 2021
Join us virtually for the premier Sea Services conference of the year: WEST 2021. The engaging content you’ve enjoyed in person will be showcased 29 and 30 June.
Driveless truck

Rogue Fires

By Brian O'Rourke
June 2021
Raytheon and the Marine Corps have tested the latest innovation in the Marine Corps’ effort to integrate antiship weapons into its arsenal—a driverless truck.

Use Sailors’ Hidden Skills

By Petty Officer First Class Michael Amenti, U.S. Navy Reserve
June 2021
About a quarter of U.S. Navy enlisted sailors have or are working toward an academic degree, while many more have civilian certifications and others have valuable soft skills.
Independence class CVLs

The Little Carriers That Could

By Lieutenant Commander Andrew Rucker, U.S. Navy
June 2021
CNO Naval History Essay Contest—Third Prize Rising Historian Category—Sponsored by General Dynamics The Independence-class CVLs offer lessons on out-of-the-box thinking.

Department Heads Can Do Better

By Commander Adam Stein, U.S. Navy
June 2021
Surprisingly little reading material has been dedicated to helping Navy lieutenants and lieutenant commanders solidify their leadership styles and achieve success.
USNA Commissioning

Asked & Answered

June 2021
Our readers recommend one big change to Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard primary officer commissioning programs, which have not changed much in more than 70 years.

Draft Us Too, America

By Lieutenant Junior Grade Sydney Frankenberg, U.S. Navy, and Hallie Lucas
June 2021
The draft should be modernized to include women. We make this appeal as two young women who would be among those required to register.

A Midshipman Goes to Combat Hunter School

By Midshipman First Class John M. Peluso, U.S. Navy
June 2021
Midshipmen and Cadet Essay Contest–Third Prize Winner. A Rutgers midshipman took advantage of remote learning to attend a Marine Corps course few take before commissioning.
A Seahawk USV in the Pacific

Build USVs Abroad

By Vincent Wroble
June 2021
The United States must build alliances and coalitions in the Indo-Pacific. One way to achieve this is by constructing unmanned surface vessels in allied countries.

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