Proceedings Editor-in-Chief Bill Hamblet standing at a podium

From the Editor’s Desk

By Captain Bill Hamblet, U.S. Navy (Retired), Editor-in-Chief
November 2019
After 18 years of operating largely as a land force in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, the Marine Corps is returning its focus to naval integration.
Proceedings - November 1994 Vol. 120/11/1,101 Cover

Where We Were

By A. Denis Clift
November 2019
Studying naval history in 1919, Vietnam's Stingray guerrilla operations in 1969, and the costs of Marine recruiting in 1994.
Oblique view of the book Chinese Communist Espionage

CEO Notes

By Vice Admiral Peter H. Daly, U.S. Navy (Retired), CEO and Publisher
November 2019
Judged in the blind, Naval Institute essay contests represent the finest thinking about the Sea Services and are a true meritocracy of ideas.
British soldiers posing with captured Imperial German equipment during World War I

The Movie Every Marine Should See

By Damien O’Connell
November 2019
They Shall Not Grow Old is a marvel of filmmaking every Marine should see, to learn what “they,” the British ghosts of the Great War, have to teach us.
Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment transit to the beach in one of HMAS Canberra'sLCM-8 Landing Craft during Exercise Talisman Saber 2017

Australia’s Amphibious Resurgence

By Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Kirby, Australian Army, and Commander Nicholas Trongale, Royal Australian Navy
November 2019
Newly bolstered amphibious capabilities are making significant contributions to engagement, relief, and security ops.
Australian Marines landing from the HMAS Adelaide

A Strategic Imperative

By Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Kirby, Australian Army, and Commander Nicholas Trongale, Royal Australian Navy
November 2019
Australia requires the ability not only to deter and defeat threats in a potential high-end conflict but also to shape and influence the region in the present.
Concept art of a grid of satellites over the earth with the sun rising in the background

The End of Deception

By Lieutenants Tom Wester and Richard Kuzma, U.S. Navy
November 2019
As signals intelligence and synthetic aperture radar satellites proliferate, the Navy is losing its stealth advantage.
Cuttermen scrub down the cutter Bainbridge Island (WPB-1343)

Don’t Let the Salt Build Up

By Lieutenant James Martin, U.S. Coast Guard
November 2019
Strong leaders must not “let the salt build up” among their crew by embodying a culture of servant leadership, discipline, and respect on board their ships.
Call Sign Chaos Book Cover

Book Reviews

November 2019
Experts review Call Sign Chaos, The Warriors of Anbar, Dawn of the Code War, Scapa 1919, and other new and noteworthy books.
Aerial port quarter view of a Chinese Type-075 class amphibious assault ship

Combat Fleets

By Eric Wertheim
November 2019
China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy launched its first Type 075 and Italy decommissioned its last two Minerva-class corvettes in September.
A U.S. Navy LHD reflected in the signal lamp of the USS Ponce.

Li-Fi Could Light Up the Dark Battlefield

By Lieutenant (junior grade) Philip Lowry III, U.S. Navy, and Second Lieutenant Matt Suarez, U.S. Marine Corps
November 2019
"Li-Fi" networks use high frequency blinking to communicate at extremely high speed with better protection than WiFi.

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