Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.

Family Namesake

By J. M. Caiella
October 2022
The ship’s namesake had been killed on 12 August 1944 when a PB4Y-1 Liberator he was piloting accidentally exploded.

The Double Turret

By Norman Friedman
October 2022
When the United States began building battleships in about 1890, it adopted—uniquely among the world’s battleship navies—two-story turrets for some them.
B-36 (pennant number 911)

The Submarines of October

By Norman Polmar
October 2022
As international tensions ratcheted up over Soviet missile sites in Cuba, the deployment of Soviet nuclear-armed submarines added an extra dimension to the Armageddon-nightmare scenario.
crew of the PBY Catalina

Marooned on Mono

By Reg Newell
October 2022
The Navy airmen stranded on the South Pacific island of Mono had two things going for them: their own will to survive and the invaluable aid of the simpatico islanders.

‘Not In My Navy’

By Admiral Thomas B. Hayward, U.S. Navy (Retired)
October 2022
The drug problem surfaced across the nation in the late ’60s and was enhanced because of Vietnam.
HMAS Australia

ACTION REPORT: HMAS Australia off Luzon

By Richard Latture
October 2022
During the Lingayen operation January 1945, HMAS Australia was hit five times by suicide bombers. Except for the hole in the ship’s side and the casualties among AA crews, her ...

My Lifelong Carrier Deployment

By Ed Offley
October 2022
In honor of the centennial year of U.S. carrier aviation, a renowned historian, journalist, and U.S. Navy veteran looks back on his career.

'A Very Disagreeable Affair'

By BJ Armstrong
October 2022
In the harbor of Boston, and the littorals of the Narragansett, we should not forget that the American Revolution began as a maritime conflict.

Cruise of USS U-111

By Jon Hoppe
October 2022
"As we passed outbound ships in the channel, the crew in ranks on deck, were thrilled as each ship not only dipped their colors, but gave the U-111 a whistle ...

Contrasting Battle Cruisers

By Gary Staff
October 2022
Korvettenkapitan Vollerthun succinctly summed up the differences between Royal Navy and Imperial Navy battle cruisers by terming the British ships “battleship-cruisers” and the German ships “cruiser-battleships”—indeed a farsighted and prophetic ...