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February 2022
WEST 2022 will be held live and in-person at the San Diego Convention Center, 16–18 February. Hope to see you there!
Coast Guard Cutter

Deckplate Diplomats: Invest in Coast Guard FAOs

By Lieutenant Commander Keith Wilkins, U.S. Coast Guard, and Diana Moyseowicz
February 2022
The Coast Guard is uniquely suited to liaise with foreign partners and allies to provide expertise in diverse mission areas. The challenge is the absence of institutionalized foreign area expertise.
cyber warriors

Navy Cyber Needs a Refit

By Lieutenant Commander Dusty McKinney, U.S. Navy
February 2022
Information Warfare Essay Contest—Second Prize, Sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton. To retain cyber operators, the Navy must offer better pay and training.

How to Read a Book

By Evan Wilson and Commander Christopher Green, Chilean Navy
February 2022
Reading is a fundamental activity for the professional training of sailors of all ranks.
book cover hero Feb 2022

Book Reviews

February 2022
Experts review Madhouse at the End of the Earth, Deterrence by Denial, and other new and noteworthy books.

Tomahawks Getting More Lethal

By Edward J. Walsh
February 2022
Raytheon Technologies’ Missiles and Defense unit, longtime builder of the Tomahawk precision-strike standoff cruise missile, is recertifying the current inventory of Block IV missiles and upgrading them.
1983 movie WarGames, NORAD supercomputer

Russia’s Only “Winning Move”

By Commander Kimberly Manuel, U.S. Navy
February 2022
As Russia contemplates invading Ukraine, the United States must demonstrate that the costs and likelihood of losing are so high, the only winning move is not to play.
IBM Quantum System One

The Quantum Future of Naval Warfare

By Lieutenant (junior grade) Lucian Rombado, U.S. Navy
February 2022
To maintain a competitive edge in the Indo-Pacific amid rising Chinese aggression, the Navy must establish itself as a key player in the U.S. quantum technology community.

Mine Warfare Revival

By Lieutenant Virgil Fermin, U.S. Navy
February 2022
2021 Naval Mine Warfare Essay Contest—Third Prize. Sponsored by the Mine Warfare Association. Specific questions need to be answered before the Navy can deliver the means to meet the 21st-century ...
Officers, archive photo

The Navy, In Black and White

By Captain John Cordle and Lieutenant Commander Reuben Keith Green, U.S. Navy (Retired)
February 2022
Two Navy retirees, one black and one white, discuss the future and reflect on the past in tandem.

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