Editor's Page

By F.H. Rainbow
January 2005
The theme of the 63rd anniversary Pearl Harbor Commemoration at the USS Arizona Memorial was "Voices of Pearl Harbor." In recognition of the importance of capturing the accounts of on-scene ...

Comment and Discussion

January 2005
"There's No Need to See Red"(See M. Crockett, p. 79, December 2004 Proceedings)Master Chief Quartermaster (Surface Warfare), Michael G. Harrison, U.S. Navy-After reading Lieutenant Commander Crockett's opinion I must confess ...

Commentary: Civilized War Is Uncivilized

By Perry Clausen
January 2005
Waging so-called civilized warfare does not serve the nation's interest. The United States plays by the rules of international law, but its enemies do not. And, because they do not ...

Shore Up SOF

By Captain Dick Couch, USNR (Ret.)
January 2005
A retired SEAL proposes measures to support and expand special operations forces.

Farther and Faster in Iraq

By Lieutenant General James T. Conway, USMC
January 2005
The commanding general of Marine forces in Iraq tells what it was like in 2003—and one year later.

DD(X) Navigates Uncharted Waters

By Captain C. H. Goddard and Commander C. B. Marks, USN
January 2005
From its integrated electric propulsion system to its precision naval gunfire support capabilities, the Navy's DD(X) is breaking new ground and laying the foundation for future generations of surface ships ...

High-Speed Sealift Is a Joint Mission

By Lieutenant Commander Frank S. Mulcahy, Civil Engineer Corps. U.S. Navy
January 2005
High-speed vessels, such as the Navy's Joint Venture (HSV-X1) and the Army's Spearhead (TSV-1X), not only are first-rate troop transport vessels, but project power inland by supporting aviation and littoral ...

Forward . . . from Bureaucracy

By Commander Kenneth Brown, Judge Advocate General Corps, U.S. Navy
January 2005
When troops in conflict zones must use their own money to provide goodwill handouts to locals because legalities in Washington delay release of available funds, it is clear DoD regulations ...

Baghdad: Help Wanted

By Captain Robert O. Wray Jr., U.S. Naval Reserve
January 2005
Beleaguered Baghdad joint staffs are critically undermanned and overworked. The Navy isn't doing its fair share. Army Lieutenant General David Petraeus leads the Multi-National Security Training Corps-Iraq—which is 78% understaffed ...

Nobody Asked Me, But Support Our Troops?

By Commander Earl J. Higgins, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
January 2005
A pickup truck in front of me stopped for a traffic light; on its tailgate were three ribbons. One was yellow; one was red, white, and blue; and one was ...

Build Trust through Communication

By Captain Lee Johnson, U.S. Navy (Retired)
January 2005
It is an ancient and timeless lesson: the path to friendship is found through understanding language and culture. It is a lesson the U.S. military cannot afford to ignore in ...

Close the Open Door to War

By Lieutenant Commander Christopher E. van Avery, U.S. Navy
January 2005
The new "Bush Doctrine" of preventive war was put to the test in March 2003 with the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Since then, debates have raged domestically and globally over ...
Port quarter view of the guided missile frigate USS STARK (FFG-31) listing to port after being struck by an Iraqi-launched Exocet missile, 5/18/1987

Remember the Stark

By Jim Ruland
January 2005
"Remember the Stark" should be resurrected-not as a political slogan, but as a reminder to naval personnel that damage control is everyone's duty.

Special: Hail, Coast Guard -- Farewell, Navy

By Commander Walter Dunn Tucker, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
January 2005
Thursday, 30 September 2004, was a very emotional day in the lives of the crewmembers of the USS Tornado (PC-14) and of four Richmond Council Navy League members who were ...

Book Reviews

January 2005
Resisting Rebellion: The History and Politics of Counterinsurgency Anthony James Joes. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 2004. 351 pp. Maps. Notes. Bib. Index. $35.00.Reviewed by Captain Erich Feilenz ...

Oceans: The Plastic Ocean

By Don Walsh
January 2005
Cheap to make, durable, and handy to use, plastic, polymers are ubiquitous throughout our world. In the past half-century, they have become the optimal material for packaging and preserving and ...

Combat Fleets

By Eric Wertheim, Editor, Combat Fleets of the World
January 2005
The first of six Israel Navy Super Dvora III-class fast patrol and interdiction craft recently entered service, commissioned on 11 November 2004 at the Israeli naval base in Ashdod. Israel ...

Lest We Forget: Dan Daly, VA-55 Warhorses

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired), and Lieutenant Commander Rick Burgess, U.S. Navy (Retired)
January 2005
Dan DalyDan Daly joined the Marine Corps in 1899 to see action in the Spanish-American War, but he did not see combat in that war. Two years later, Private Daly ...

Naval Institute Foundation

January 2005
Help Us Complete Bill Lawrence’s Oral HistoryTo his many admirers, Vice Admiral William P. Lawrence needs no introduction. Now, the Naval Institute is producing his oral history to ensure that ...

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