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April 2024
In February, we launched a USNI News member-only newsletter—“Sea Scroll”—arriving in your email every Thursday.
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April 2024
Some of the Huskies going on the Navy’s 1947 Antarctic Expedition on the fantail of the USS Mount Olympus (AGC-8), shown with dog team drivers.
The Marine Corps has several programs of record that—combined with Navy and joint programs—comprise a “capability portfolio.” It contributes directly to service-level and joint integrated air and missile defense, including the suite of ground-based air-defense systems such as the Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System shown here.

Equipping the Marine Corps Expeditionary Force

By Stephen J. Bowdren
April 2024
Rapidly equipping the Marine Corps with emerging modernized capabilities—both minimum viable capabilities and full-fledged programs of record—remains the “north star” for its acquisition professionals.
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Asked & Answered

April 2024
Which U.S. or foreign expeditionary warfare littoral, delta, or river combat action provides the best lessons for 21st-century expeditionary warfare and why?

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