ship homecoming

There Is No Zero-Defect Mentality

By Captain Thomas R. Beall, U.S. Navy (Retired)
January 2023
There is a perception that a “zero-defect mentality” within the Navy too-frequently causes relief of commanding officers in an unforgiving and unfair process. This author sees things differently.
USS Enterprise (CV-6)

Just-in-Time Production

By Commander Matt Wright, U.S. Navy
January 2023
CNO Naval History Essay Contest, Rising Historian—First Prize. Sponsored by General Dynamics. Lessons from the U.S. Navy’s peacetime fleet that won the Battle of Midway.
ship's stern

Mighty Mo Hard on Sand

By A. Denis Clift
January 2023
The USS Missouri (BB-63), otherwise known as “Mighty Mo,” was launched at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in January 1944 and commissioned that June.
Pacific Partnership 2022 mission commander

The Navy Should Take More Academics to Sea

By Lieutenant Commander Blake Herzinger, U.S. Navy Reserve
January 2023
Allowing academics access to ships, aircraft, and sailors might help them bring new attention to issues of lagging maintenance, insufficient sleep, and a shrinking fleet.

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