Ships in Philipine Sea

CEO Notes

April 2021
Our first "page-to-stage" event for the American Sea Power Project will be on 22 April. We hope you'll join us!

Rethink Primary PME

By Lieutenant Matt Little, U.S. Navy
April 2021
The primary PME curriculum should foster purpose-driven conversations between officers and their superiors and among officers of different warfare areas.

Resurrect the Hunter-Killer Group

By Captain Stephen J. Ilteris and Commander Michael E. Ilteris, U.S. Navy
April 2021
A 21st-century antisubmarine task group could bring the fleet a substantial increase in capability, operational flexibility, and lethality.

Implementing Expeditionary ASW

By Captain Walker D. Mills, U.S. Marine Corps, Lieutenant Commanders Collin Fox, Dylan “Joose” Phillips-Levine, and Trevor Phillips-Levine, U.S. Navy
April 2021
The Marine Corps needs to develop new capabilities to support the Commandant’s call to play a role in ASW.
USS Martin H. Ray
Paraguayan Navy

Why Care about a Landlocked Navy?

By Commander Daniel Upp, U.S. Navy
April 2021
The Paraguayan Navy is a worthy and critical partner in the fight against transnational criminal organizations that threaten regional security in Latin America.
Lieutenant Commander Dudley Morton (right), Lieutenant Commander Dick O’ Kane (left)
Book Cover - Last Platoon

Book Reviews

April 2021
Experts review The Last Platoon: A Novel of the Afghanistan War, T-Minus AI, Stopping Military Suicides, and other new and noteworthy books.

Where We Were

April 2021
Twisted, jagged steel was all that was left of the bow and forward hull section of the USS Lindsey (DM-32); and a look back at the pages of Proceedings.

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