The Shenandoah moored to the fleet oiler Patoka (AO-9)

Flying with Grace

By Norman Polmar
February 2023
During the 1920s and 1930s several large, graceful, rigid airships flew across the Atlantic and within the United States. Four of them were emblazoned “U.S. Navy.”
McCool (left) and Commander Rick Hubbard

Indomitable Spirit

By William J. Prom
February 2023
From his glory days as a star runner at the U.S. Naval Academy to his ultimate fate in the space shuttle Columbia, a tribute to Willie McCool.
Book Reviews JF23 Hero

Book Reviews

February 2023
Historian David F. Winkler reviews Escape from Java: The Extraordinary World War II Story of the USS Marblehead.
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Pieces of the Past

February 2023
Throughout history, naval leaders have been honored on coins and commemorative medallions intended for collectors. A few have even risen to rule their nations.
USS Joseph Strauss (DDG-16)

London Duty

By Rear Admiral Elliott B. Strauss, U.S. Navy (Retired)
February 2023
When Elliott Strauss served as naval attaché in 1930s London, it was a world of morning coats and top hats, of dinner jackets and old-school formality.
Lancastria sinking

The Sinking of the Lancastria

By Michael Sheldrick
February 2023
Thousands were killed when the Luftwaffe sank the British ship Lancastria in 1940; for some, even years later, the loss was personal.