CEO Notes hero Nov23

CEO Notes

November 2023
It was exciting to celebrate the Institute’s 150th on the exact anniversary date—right here in Annapolis, where the Institute was born on 9 October 1873!
Rear Admiral Rickover; Commander William Anderson, Nautilus commanding officer; and New York mayor Robert Wagner celebrate the submarine’s historic trip under the polar ice cap. Additive manufacturing needs a visionary leader like Rickover to move it forward.

Additive Manufacturing Needs a Champion

By Captain Brad Baker and Lieutenant Commander Jake Lunday, U.S. Navy, Captain John P. Cordle, U.S. Navy (Retired), and Michael Pecota
November 2023
If the Navy does not give AM a makeover, it will not be the significant force readiness multiplier it could be.
Marines conduct small-boat operations from HMS Albion into Latvia during the 2023 NATO Baltic Operations exercise.

Maneuver Warfare Is Not Dead, But It Must Evolve

By Colonel Pat Garrett, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired), and Lieutenant Colonel Frank Hoffman, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (Retired)
November 2023
Marine Corps Essay Contest—Second Prize. Sponsored by U.S. Naval Institute. Properly understood and updated, maneuver warfare remains critical to the future.
An LG-1K Tactical Aerial Delivery  Glider during a Marine Corps  Warfighting Lab test.

Gliding through A2/AD

By Captain Trevor Shimulunas, U.S. Marine Corps
November 2023
One-way, unmanned glider resupply vehicles could dramatically decrease the risks to distributed forces throughout the battlespace and free conventional manned delivery platforms for other missions.

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