A Balance of Powers

By Raymond J. Barrett
April 1972
As, two months before his death, Franklin Roosevelt reported the results of the Yalta Conference to the nation, he hoped that the multipower world which had bred so many wars ...

Common Purpose—Common Ship?

By Commander Eric Eugene Johnston, O.B.E., R.A.N.
April 1972
The warship depicted below—it has been dubbed the “Free World Frigate”—and described on subsequent pages, is the kind of high-performance, ocean-going, multipurpose escort ship that will be needed by the ...

Give Us the Ships!

By Lieutenant Commander A. A. Balunek, U. S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
April 1972
There are many differences between the “Drill-Hall Navy” and the operating Fleet, but most of them come down to a single, four-letter word: ship. And, unless the Surface Naval Reserve ...

Damage Control: Before, Not After

By Lieutenant Commander C. Fink Fischer II, U. S. Naval Reserve
April 1972
Our eyes are drawn to the headline, “NEW NAVY WARSHIPS HIT BY FIRES,” and the story which states that “The Navy’s new 1052-class destroyer escorts may be floating firetraps.” Cited ...

NavCad or College Grad?

By Captain James E. Williams, U. S. Navy
April 1972
An entire generation of AvCad/Pre-Flight/V-5 pilots has moved on. Conspicuous by their absence, too, are many pilots of this generation, whom the Nary confidently expected to retain. If the cockpits ...

Homer Lea—Interloper on History

By John Clark Kimball
April 1972
He led no Chinese armies in combat; but, as chief military advisor to the first President of the Republic of China, this young, hunchbacked Caucasian—seen above as a 26-year-old lieutenant ...

The Old Navy: The Excellent Ships of Bombay

By Lieutenant Commander J. M. Windas, U. S. Naval Reserve
April 1972
Some of Britain’s finest sailing men-of-war were built in India from 1777 to 1849 by the Wadia family of master builders, at the Bombay Dockyard—shown above as it appeared some ...

Comment and Discussion

April 1972
“View from the Bridge of the Sixth Fleet Flagship”(See I. C. Kidd, Jr., pp. 18-29, February 1972 Proceedings)Captain Roy C. Goldman, U. S. Navy, Commanding Officer ...

Book Reviews and Book List

April 1972
Tonkin GulfEugene G. Windchy. New York: Doubleday, 1971. 358 pp. Illus. $7.95.Reviewed by Commander W. S. Buehler, U. S. Navy(Commander Buehler, a 1956 graduate from t ...

Professional Notes

April 1972
The Sea Control Ship SystemBy Rear Admiral Donald V. Cox, U. S. Navy, Program Coordinator, Surface Ship Aviation Integration Program, Office of the Chief of Naval OperationsRecently there has ...


April 1972
U. S. Fleet To Get New Permanent Homeport in Greece(Stephen Klaidman in The Washington Post, 8 February 1972)The United States and Greece have reached agreement on the use ...

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