Some Considerations Affecting Naval Polity

By Rear Admiral W. V. Pratt, U. S. Navy
November 1922
Some Considerations Affecting Naval PolicyBy Rear Admiral W.V. Pratt, U.S. Navy "It is important to have our navy of adequate size, but it is even more important that ship for ...

The U. S. Naval Air Force In Action 1917-18

By Lieutenant Commander W. Atlee Edwards, U. S. Navy
November 1922
Note:—The following communication has been received from the President of the Naval War College:— This brief but comprehensive resume of the activities of the U.S. Naval Air Force in action ...

Is The Fleet Strategically Concentrated?

By Commander F. M. Perkins, U. S. Navy
November 1922
IS THE FLEET STRATEGICALLY CONCENTRATED?By Commander F. M. Perkins, U. S. Navy I "There is thus a concentration of mental and moral outlook, of resolution, as real as the physical ...

Every Officer A Coach

By Walter Aamond, Physical Training And Athletics, U. S. Naval Academy
November 1922
EVERY OFFICER A COACHBy Walter Aamold, Physical Training and Athletics, U.S. Naval Academy Dr. R. Tait McKenzie, in writing the history of athletics, came upon a witty little incident in ...

"The Job."

By Lieutenant Commander J. Ogden Hoffman, U. S. Navy
November 1922
"THE JOB"By Lieutenant Commander J. Ogden Hoffman, U.S. Navy To solve the problem facing the navy of today calls for every effort, every suggestion that may be offered by all ...

The Tripoli Monument

By Captain C. Q. Wright, Ch-C, U. S. Navy, Retired
November 1922
THE TRIPOLI MONUMENTBy Captain C.Q. Wright, Ch-C, U. S. Navy, Retired Recent events along the North African shores may serve to recall our own little war in those parts, and ...


November 1922
DISCUSSIONAn Administrative Flagship(See Page 1299, Whole No. 234) Lieutenant Commander Frank Luckel, U.S. Navy.—Captain Taussig's well presented paper contains many good arguments in favor of the administrative flagship. Apparently by ...

Professional Notes

Prepared By Lieutenant Commander F. W. Rockwell, U. S. Navy And Lieutenant J, B. Heffernan, U. S. Navy
November 1922
PROFESSIONAL NOTESPrepared By Lieutenant Commander F.W. Rockwell, U.S. Navy and Lieutenant Commander J.B. Heffernan, U.S. Navy GREAT BRITAIN Service Paper Editorials.—New Construction.—According to an Admiralty announcement quoted by a London ...

Notes On International Affairs

Prepared By Allen Westcott, Professor, U. S. Naval Academy
November 1922
NOTES ON INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS FROM SEPTEMBER 5 TO SEPTEMBER 25Prepared by Allan Westcott, Professor, U.S. Naval Academy NEAR EAST Results of Turkish Victory.—Following the capture of Afiun Karahissar in August ...

Book Reviews

November 1922
REVIEW OF BOOKS NAVAL OPERATIONS, VOL. I (TEXT) TO THE BATTLE OF THE FALKLANDS, DECEMBER 1914. By Sir Julian S. Corbett. (Longsman & Co. Price $6.50.)A Review by Rear Admiral ...

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