The U.S. military’s long-comfortable technological edge is steadily eroding. To address that challenge, the Department of Defense seeks to leverage emerging technology, focusing heavily on autonomy, man-machine teaming and machine learning, and innovative ways to harness new technologies with tactics, techniques, and strategies to maintain a pacing edge over adversaries. How should the Sea Services meld technology and innovation to maintain our nation’s advantages?

The Challenge

  • Predict the next emerging and disruptive technologies
  • Describe how those technologies will be used by the U.S. military or against it
  • Discuss practical approaches for fielding and wielding emerging and disruptive technologies rapidly and getting them into the hands of warfighters 

Submission Guidelines

  • Word Count: 2,500 words maximum (excludes endnotes/sources).
  • Include word count on the title page but do not include your name on title page or within the essay.
  • Note: Your essay must be original and not previously published (online or in print) or being considered for publication elsewhere. 

First Prize: $5,000

Second Prize: $2,500

Third Prize: $1,500


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