The Naval Institute Press supports professional military education (PME) in the sea services. Since 1902, when the Naval Institute first published The Bluejacket’s Manual, the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard have relied upon our ever-growing library of professional books as an important source of information and guidance for sailors of all ranks. The Blue and Gold/Scarlet and Gold series offer such iconic titles as Watch Officer’s GuideCommand at SeaHandbook for Marine NCOs, and The Newly Commissioned Officers Guide. These books provide experiential advice and guidance that helps naval professionals better carry out their duties and assignments.

In addition, modern classics such as Wayne Hughes’ Fleet Tactics and Naval Operations have been joined by more recent titles such as Cyberspace in Peace and War and Airpower Applied as mainstays at the war college level. Numerous books have also been selected for the CNO’s Reading list. Under the guidance of the Gordon England Chair of Professional Naval Literature, these works are kept up to date through frequent revisions, while new titles are constantly being added to this important professional library to ensure that it evolves with the ever-changing nature of sea services themselves.