Cyberspace in Peace and War

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In a world in which cyberspace is becoming every country’s center of gravity, the issue of cyberwar can no longer be ignored. Cyberspace in Peace and War is the first comprehensive, instructional guide to the challenge of cyberwar: how to conduct it but, more importantly, how to avoid it using a mix of cybersecurity policies coupled with deterrence, escalation, signaling, and norms strategies. The result of over twenty years of analysis and assessment by author Martin C. Libicki, this text should be of particular interest to those concerned with the current and future challenges that face the digital frontier. Though written from a U.S. perspective, the principles discussed are globally relevant.

Cyberspace in Peace and War presents a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity, cyberwar, and cyber terrorism. From basic concepts to advanced principles, Libicki examines the sources and consequences of system compromises, addresses how cybersecurity policies can strengthen countries defenses—leaving them less susceptible to cyberattack, and explores cybersecurity in the context of military operations, highlighting unique aspects of the digital battleground and strategic uses of cyberwar. He provides the technical and geopolitical foundations of cyberwar necessary to understand the policies, operations, and strategies required for safeguarding an increasingly online infrastructure.

Cyberspace in Peace and War guides readers through the complexities of cybersecurity and cyberwar and challenges them to understand the topics in new ways.

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Editorial Reviews

Cyberspace in Peace and War is useful and can be a valuable resource.... It is well worth the investment for the interested scholar.” PRISM: The Journal of Complex Operations
“[Libicki's book] offers clear-eyed reviews of U.S. responses to earlier state-sponsored hacks and provides analytic frameworks that could help policymakers think through the challenge of preventing future digital assaults.” —Foreign Affairs
“This book is a must-read for those in Australia's military high command and other government departments with a responsibility for national security. One thing is certain, the hackers, especially those that are government-sponsored, will already have it on their e-book shelves.” Australian Defence Force Journal
“...It has been a struggle on all fronts to transform those theoretical and empirical observations into cohesive, strategic and policy recommendations. Thankfully Cyberspace in Peace and War is a huge stride in the right direction... A very good book.” —The Strategy Bridge
“This text is broken down into five separate parts that discuss various aspects of technology, operations, policy, and strategy. After reading this book, the reader will come away with an in-depth and detailed understanding of all those areas and how they relate to US policy and the potential outcomes in cyberspace because of those policies.... [T]his book is recommended for those who want a basic understanding of cyberspace to those who currently hold a position within the realm of national security and everyone in-between. This book is truly a modern classic on the topic of cyberspace.” Air & Space Power Journal
Cyberspace in Peace and War will serve as a foundation for strategic planners for many years to come. Perhaps more importantly, the questions posed here–and in the strategic literature these questions are integrated into--will likely serve as a foundation from which much of our future understanding about cyber strategy will spring.” Strategic Studies Quarterly
“A comprehensive and readable discussion of a complicated topic, and an important contribution to a vital issue.” —Bruce Schneier, lecturer at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and author of Data and Goliath
“In a short time cyberspace has burst into the forefront of national security strategy. Policymakers and analysts know they need to understand the new terrain, threats, and ideas for strategic options but have lacked a broad survey that covers the issues thoroughly and deeply. Martin Libicki, one of the sharpest top thinkers on cybersecurity, combining impressive technical and strategic expertise, has filled the gap decisively. This volume is encyclopedic, creative, and readable, challenging in its detail and reflections, and equally useful for political and military experts who are not steeped in cyber technology and technical specialists who need grounding in policy and strategy.” —Richard K. Betts, PhD, director, Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies, Columbia University, and author of Enemies of Intelligence and American Force
“...This book takes a comprehensive, methodical approach - arguing that cybersecurity is now a new normal feature of peace and war... Highly recommended.” CHOICE
“Like a well-constructed novel, Martin Libicki expertly weaves together technology, operations, policy, and strategy to paint a panoramic picture of cyberspace, incorporating views from a broad range of perspectives that he skillfully applies across a variety of settings from peace to conflict. He explains complex concepts using simple analogies that leverage commonplace knowledge and experience, poses questions in search of answers, and offers reasoned arguments that address these questions from a variety of different viewpoints. The reader is challenged to apply the insights gained from these queries to develop a deeper and more practical understanding of the nature of cyberspace. This work is likely to become well known for having bridged the divides that exist among technologists, strategists, operators, and policymakers in their search for solutions to cyberspace's multifaceted challenges, and should be read by every student and practitioner of these disciplines.” —Lt. Gen. Robert J. Elder, USAF (Ret.), research professor, George Mason University
“This book is a very comprehensive, instructional guide to the challenge of cyberwar. This work is likely to become well known for having bridged the divides that exist among technologists, strategists, operators, and policymakers in their search for solutions to cyberspace's multifaceted challenges, and should be read by every student and practitioner of these disciplines.” —Military Technology
“Martin Libicki has given us just what we need in the complex area of cyber: a clear and comprehensive analysis of the entire range of issues, from the technical to the operational and political. It is an indispensable one-stop-shopping resource that can be read with great benefit by both novices and experts.—Robert Jervis, Adlai E. Stevenson Professor of International Politics, Columbia University
“By combining thoroughness, good writing style and encyclopedic knowledge of the policy issues, Libicki has rendered a great service to anyone in a military or policy-making position who wishes to gain a better understanding of what’s happening in cyberspace in peace and war." —Journal of Cyber Policy
“This is an important definitional book that lays the ground work…. A seminal contribution and vital read - from a U.S. perspective.” —The Navy