Examination & Desk Copy Policy

The Naval Institute Press features a wide range of history, foreign affairs and policy, national security, and leadership titles that have been adopted for course work by colleges and universities across the country. Professors and/or instructors interested in Naval Institute Press books for course adoptions should request examination copies by using one of the two methods below, mail or fax.

Naval Institute Press books are available as examination copies for course adoption at a cost of $6.00 per paperback copy and $10.00 per hardback copy to cover shipping and handling. There is a three book limit per semester. Please mail, or fax your request on your department letterhead, specifying course name and number, date offered, projected enrollment, as well as your name, title, department address and phone/fax number. If you would like to be contacted via email about future books that are published in your area of interest, please include your email address and area of concentration. American Express, Master Card, or Visa accepted. MD residents add 6% sales tax. Send request and credit card information to:


Naval Institute Press
Attention: Robin Noonan
Marketing Department
291 Wood Road
Annapolis, MD 21402



Billing will be cancelled if an order for 15 or more copies is received from the school or its bookstore and the publisher has been asked to cancel the invoice. If the text is adopted for course use, examination copies become the instructor's free desk copy. 

Qualified instructors in the United States and Canada are entitled to desk copies of adopted titles based on the total enrollment for the class.

  • Enrollment 1–30 = One (1) desk copy
  • Enrollment 31–50 = Two (2) desk copies
  • Enrollment 51+ = Three (3) desk copies