"Newly Commissioned Naval Officer's Guide, 2nd Edition"

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    August 15, 2018
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As young leaders transition from their roles as officer candidates and midshipman to newly commissioned naval officers, Newly Com-missioned Naval Officer’s Guide will serve as a valuable tool in this journey. This practical guide will advise newly commissioned naval officers from all service communities in basic leadership, naval policy, service etiquette, and personal and professional administration. Using insights and writing from those who have recently made this transition, the book also serves as a gateway to the many online and print assets available to newly commissioned officers, serving as a user-friendly first stop for advice and information. It provides new officers a quickly-paced overview of U.S. Navy history and a recommended reading list as well. Written for recently commissioned and aspiring naval officers, as well as for those merely interested in better understanding the demands and lifestyle of this career, the Newly Commissioned Naval Officer’s Guide will be a positive addition to the professional libraries of young naval leaders, past, present, and future.

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