"Fleet Tactics and Naval Operations, Third Edition"

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    By CAPT Wayne P. Hughes Jr., USN (Ret.) and RADM Robert P. Girrier, USN (Ret.); Foreword by ADM John Richardson, USN
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    June 15, 2018
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The revised edition of this indispensable work still covers battle tactics at sea from the age of fighting sail to the present, with emphasis on trends constants, and variables. Fleet Tactics and Naval Operations continues to emphasize combat data, including how hitting and damage rates and maneuvering have been conducted to achieve an advantage over the centuries. The third edition highlights the current swift advances in unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligence, cyber warfare in peace and war, and other effects of information warfare, and how they are changing the ways battles at sea will be fought and won. 

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Editorial Reviews

“Updated for modern combat in the information age, this edition is a must for any naval officer and strategist and is part of the Blue & Gold Professional Library, which includes classics such as the Watch Officer's Guide and The Bluejacket's Manual.” Navy Reads
“Machiavelli declared that keeping up with changing times is the foremost challenge for any commander or sovereign. Captain Hughes is the Navy's Machiavelli in that sense–helping us adapt our tactics for the age of cyber and robot warfare. The go-to work on the subject–now as for three decades.” —James Holmes, J. C. Wylie Chair of Maritime Strategy at the Naval War College and coauthor of Red Star over the Pacific
“Fleet tactics should be in every officer's private library. It offers a welcoming and thorough review.” —Sjovasendet
“This book provides a wealth of knowledge to anyone with the desire to understand the relationship between land and sea combat.” —War on the Rocks
“The book … provides an excellent starting point from which Marines can begin to factor their shore-and air-based fires into the maritime fight. The book is an A-Z explanation of littoral warfare and also looks forward into continuing trends and the future of littoral warfare.” —CIMSEC
2020 Marine Commandant’s Reading List
Fleet Tactics and Naval Operations is an amazing read and welcome addition to anyone interested in naval tactics or history…. Wayne Hughes and Robert Girrier write brilliantly in turning a discussion about littoral warfare into a masterpiece of future naval tactics. This book is a great reference for naval officers and a must read on anyone’s book list interested in the changing dynamics of naval warfare in the 21st century.” —DODReads