The U.S. Naval Institute on Women in the Navy: The History

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The U.S. Naval Institute Chronicles series focuses on the relevance of history by exploring topics like significant battles, personalities, and service components. Tapping into the U.S. Naval Institute's robust archives, these carefully selected volumes help readers understand nuanced subjects by providing unique perspectives and some of the best contributions that have helped shape naval thinking over the many decades since the Institute’s founding in 1873.

Meeting the challenges of gender integration has been a “joint” operation that has encompassed all of the armed forces. This edition of Naval Institute Chronicles tells a significant portion of the evolutionary and revolutionary transition from the days of “yeomanettes” to today’s Navy—where women command ships and wear admirals’ stars.

Editorial Reviews

"Women in the Navy, The History is an old-fashioned yet honest account of the introduction of woman at sea, providing an engaging and informative read. Although (unsurprisingly) suited for a female audience, anybody seeking a light-hearted approach to the subject matter (and with a penchant for amusing quips and anecdotes) will be delighted with this anthology. Well-structured from the start, it does not make any apologies for time sensitive or 'dated' comments. In fact, it embraces old school opinion and language in a way that adds considerably to the book's overall appeal and character." The Naval Review