The U.S. Naval Institute on Marine Corps at War

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The U.S. Naval Institute Chronicles series focuses on the relevance of history by exploring topics like significant battles, personalities, and service components. Tapping into the U.S. Naval Institute's robust archives, these carefully selected volumes help readers understand nuanced subjects by providing unique perspectives and some of the best contributions that have helped shape naval thinking over the many decades since the Institute’s founding in 1873.

From the American Revolution to the present day, the U.S. Marine Corps has often led the fight against America's enemies. The selections in this anthology offer insights into Marine Operations in Korea in 1871 and again in the 1950s, the Spanish American War, Vietnam, the First Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, and more.

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“This collection of hand-selected articles nicely meets the objective of the book. The reader will appreciate each chapter’s contribution to and significance of the chronicle of the Marine Corps. Several chapters provide such detail that readers will almost feel they are there sharing in the account themselves. The fact that the chapters remain in their original form also gives readers the feel in time and place. This authenticity makes for a priceless connection to the ways the authors experience war and how their happenstance affected the future roles, functions, and operational employment of Marines. This book is an important read for U.S. Marines, sailors, and naval historians, and those seeking an appreciation for events influencing the evolution of the Marine Corps and Marine Corps/Navy team.” —Military Review