The U.S. Naval Institute on Marine Corps Aviation

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The U.S. Naval Institute Chronicles series focuses on the relevance of history by exploring topics like significant battles, personalities, and service components. Tapping into the U.S. Naval Institute's robust archives, these carefully selected volumes help readers understand nuanced subjects by providing unique perspectives and some of the best contributions that have helped shape naval thinking over the many decades since the Institute’s founding in 1873.

Famous as "boots on the ground," U.S. marines have long played a vital role in the air as well. In these pages readers will find both history and analysis as Naval Institute authors record and assess this lesser-known but significant aspect of "Leatherneck" combat over the last century.

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This volume in the USNI's Chronicles series provides another superb resource for both casual readers and students of military history. Like the other volumes in the series, Marine Corps Aviation is a compilation of articles gleaned from the pages of Proceedings magazine. Articles originally published between 1940 and the present provide an insightful overview of the development and operational employment of 'Marine Air.' This volume serves as an excellent 'primer' on the subject and also provides a tremendous resource for researchers in the notes and bibliographies of the collected articles.--Marine Corps Gazette
The U.S. Marine Corps has always prided itself in providing a complete combat package to U.S. military expeditionary operations. Part of that package is Marine aviation. This publication by the Naval Institute Press is a compendium of previously-published articles expounding the history and contribution of Marine aviation to Marine operations as whole for almost a century. The nine articles included in this slim edition are of varying lengths, written and published well beforehand in the Institute's Proceedings between 1949 and 2008. They selectively cover a wide range of aspects of Marine air with a focus on ground attack and close air support--perhaps what the Marines do best. While six papers are historical in nature, three provide opinion including one from a U.S. Air Force major. This publication is one in a series the U.S. Naval Institute has commissioned to 'reintroduce readers to significant portions of this [the Institute's Proceedings and Naval History Magazine] virtual treasure trove'. With this publication, I think they have succeeded. Recommended. - Australian Defence Force Journal