Every week on the Proceedings Podcast, the Naval Institute's Director of Outreach and Marketing, Ward Carroll, and the Editor-in-Chief of Proceedings, Bill Hamblet, talk about what's happening in the Sea Services, latest news from USNI News, stories in Proceedings and Naval History magazines, and interview Naval Institute authors. Deputy Editor Bill Bray and Co-director of Outreach Paul Kingsbury join the cast from time to time as well.


Episode 17 - VADM Tom Moore, NAVSEA

07 February 2018

In this episode Bill and Ward talk to Vice Admiral Tom Moore, U.S Navy, NAVSEA Commander, live from WEST 2018. Admiral Moore discusses the status of CVN-78, the future of LCS, how NAVSEA has supported 7th Fleet in the wake of last summer's mishaps, and the need for a defense budget.

Episode 14 - CDR Salamander on the State of the Surface Navy

16 January 2018

In this episode, Commander Salamander joins Bill and Ward to talk about the most recent report regarding the USS Fitzgerald and McCain mishaps. Sal's latest USNI blog post suggests the Surface Navy isn't showing the right signs of learning lessons from these tragedies.

Episode 11 - CAPT Kevin Eyer on the LCS

18 December 2018

In this episode of the Proceedings Podcast, Bill and Ward are joined by Captain Kevin Eyer, U.S. Navy (Retired),  surface warfare expert, to talk about the state of the Littoral Combat Ship in the wake of the recent CRS report on the program.

Episode 10 - Mishap in the WestPac

05 December 2017

In this episode Bill calls into Beach Hall from Newport, RI to chat with Ward about the findings from the C-2 mishap in WestPac, the U.S. Naval Institute Defense Forum Washington, transgender troops, and more.

Episode 9 - Risqué Skywriting and the Future of SWO Training

28 November 2017

Bill and Ward discuss the fallout from the Growler sky writing incident over Washington state, and the future of SWO training. Call-in guest is Commander Tom UllmerU.S. Navy, the current Naval Institute fellow and former Gator ship CO.