Every week on the Proceedings Podcast, the Naval Institute's Director of Outreach and Marketing, Ward Carroll, and the Editor-in-Chief of Proceedings, Bill Hamblet, talk about what's happening in the Sea Services, latest news from USNI News, stories in Proceedings and Naval History magazines, and interview Naval Institute authors. Deputy Editor Bill Bray and Co-director of Outreach Paul Kingsbury join the cast from time to time as well.


Episode 29 - ADM Mike Mullen Talks the SWO Career Path

28 May 2018

Admiral Mike Mullen, U.S. Navy (Retired), former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, joins Bill and Ward in the studio to talk about his article from the April issue of Proceedings regarding adjustments to the surface warfare officer career path in the wake of last summer's collisions at sea.

Episode 28 - How 2017 Tested the Naval Profession

19 May 2018

Captain Andrew Jampoler, U.S. Navy (Retired) calls into the show to talk about his article in the May Proceedings about how last summer's collisions at sea and the Fat Leonard scandal are related and reflect poorly on the state of leadership and the profession at large.

Episode 25 - "Presence is Not Deterrence"

12 April 2018

Bill and Ward talk to Lieutenant Joseph Hanacek, U.S. Navy, about his article in the April Proceedings titled, "Presence Is Not Deterrence," in which he makes a distinction between "active" and "latent" suasion and suggests the Navy is doing too much of the latter, while assuming it covers the former.