Every week on the Proceedings Podcast, the Naval Institute's Director of Outreach and Marketing, Ward Carroll, and the Editor-in-Chief of Proceedings, Bill Hamblet, talk about what's happening in the Sea Services, latest news from USNI News, stories in Proceedings and Naval History magazines, and interview Naval Institute authors. Deputy Editor Bill Bray and Co-director of Outreach Paul Kingsbury join the cast from time to time as well.


Episode 53 - The Salty Millennial Revealed

26 November 2018

Lieutenant Commander Jimmy Drennan, U.S. Navy, (AKA: The Salty Millennial), talks about generational tensions and trends in the Navy, his contributions to the Blog, and feedback from older and younger readers. Also, Fleet Master Chief Paul Kingsbury, U.S. Navy (Retired), new to the Naval Institute staff, makes his first appearance on the show.

Episode 45 - Using Social Media During Disasters

06 October 2018

Coast Guard Academy Cadet Evan Twarog talks about social media and how an idea that took off during Hurricane Harvey has now become fundamental to how the Coast Guard saves lives. His essay won third place in the 2018 Coast Guard Essay Contest and is in the October Proceedings.