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Join the Naval Institute's Director of Outreach and Marketing, Ward Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of Proceedings, Bill Hamblet, and Deputy Editor-in-Chief Bill Bray as they host a variety of Proceedings authors and naval leaders “in the know” to discuss issues facing the Sea Services, explore the latest trending topics and stories from USNI News, and interview Naval Institute Press authors. 


Whether you're a history major at the U.S. Naval Academy, or you just want to broaden your knowledge base, the best Naval History editions sponsored by the William M. Wood foundation are great for anyone looking to add naval history to their media diet. Join Naval History Editor-in-Chief Eric Mills and Ward Carroll as they dive into Naval History articles, offer first-person accounts, and discuss well known and not so well known events in naval history to help inform opinions by understanding naval historical context. 


And Naval Institute’s Co-director of Outreach Paul Kingsbury hosts the From the Deckplates (FTD) edition and explores the perspectives, opinions, and experiences from a variety of enlisted Navy professionals.


Proceedings Podcast Episode 197 - Manning Still Matters, A Fleet Perspective

02 December 2020

Three years following the Comprehensive Review, Retired Fleet Master Chief Paul Kingsbury picks up the discussion where Proceedings author John Cordle left off in his Dec 2019 blog piece titled, “Manning Matters.” Ward, Paul, John, and current USFF Fleet Master Chief, Rick O’Rawe discuss the causes and impacts of chronic shortfalls in fleet manning and offer some solutions.

Proceedings Podcast Episode 196 - SPACECOM SEL Speaks!

30 November 2020

Retired Fleet Master Chief Paul Kingsbury hosts Master Gunnery Sergeant Scott Stalker, current senior enlisted advisor for the Commander of the newly established U.S. Space Command to talk about current priorities and the importance of space as a warfare domain.