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CEO Notes

May 2024
Our 151st Annual Meeting will take place on Wednesday, 8 May, at the Jack C. Taylor Conference Center in Annapolis.
2024 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of NATO.

NATO Navies in Review

By Eric Wertheim
May 2024
Alliance military budgets are again increasing as NATO navies prepare for a more dangerous future.
The USCGC Tern (WPB-87343), shown here patrolling in front of Alcatraz Island, is one of the Coast Guard’s 65 87-foot Marine Protector–class cutters. While in command of this ship, the author and his crew conducted a dangerous rescue mission that shook his faith in his gut instincts.

Follow Your Gut?

By Lieutenant Matthew J. Nagle, U.S. Coast Guard
May 2024
Leadership Essay Contest—First Prize, Sponsored by Drs. Jack and Jennifer London Charitable Foundation. Leaders are at their best when they maintain autonomy for appropriate decision-making.
At 44 nautical miles wide, the Bering Strait is the only maritime corridor and chokepoint between North America and Asia with access to the Arctic Ocean.

New Challenges for the Bering Strait

By Captain Lawson Brigham, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)
May 2024
The Bering Strait is a narrow, international strait that separates Chukotka in Russia’s Far East from Alaska, the only chokepoint between North America and the Arctic Ocean.
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May 2024
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