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CEO Notes

July 2023
Join us on 9 October at the Naval Institute’s Jack C. Taylor Conference Center in Annapolis, Maryland, to celebrate 150 years of the open forum!
Littoral Commander game

Littoral Commander: Indo-Pacific

By Master Sergeant Joseph “Jay” Arnold, Illinois Army National Guard
July 2023
On the surface, Littoral Commander: Indo-Pacific is a hex-and-counter wargame attempting to forecast future armed conflicts, but it quickly becomes apparent it is much more.

Invest in Squadron Safety

By Captain Justin McCaffree, U.S. Navy
July 2023
Squadron leaders must do their part by sending senior, highly competitive lieutenant commanders to the safety department.
Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael M. Gilday attaches the aiguillette to the shoulder of Major Lauren Serrano at the beginning of her tour as his Marine aide-de-camp.

Aides Are More than Bag Carriers

By Major Lauren Serrano, U.S. Marine Corps
July 2023
Here are a few reflections on what I learned about leadership at the highest level, especially for junior officers who may find themselves with an opportunity to be an aide.

From Our Archive

July 2023
A pilot participates in underwater environmental training using the Dilbert Dunker Trainer at Naval Air Station, Miramar, California, 16 June 1970.

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