CEO Notes

August 2023
Every year, the U.S. Naval Institute partners with the U.S. Coast Guard Academy to bring military leaders, doers, and thinkers to the Academy to speak to the Corps of Cadets.
sailors and dogs

What’s Old Is New Again

By Commander Scott Austin, U.S. Coast Guard
August 2023
For the first time since the Cold War, U.S. competitors possess military capabilities in quantity and kind to hold the U.S. mainland at risk.
A damage controlman patches an oil filter pot in the engine room of the USCGC Polar Star (WAGB-10) while underway in the Southern Ocean. The Coast Guard must cultivate and preserve among its members within the service  the engineering skills and knowledge required to maintain its fleet while at sea and in port.

The Elephant in the Engine Room

By Commander Kelsey Barrion, U.S. Coast Guard
August 2023
Coast Guard Essay Contest—First Prize, Cosponsored by Susan Curtin and the U.S. Naval Institute. The Coast Guard must adapt its engineering training and assignment processes to get “better on the ...
A Russian icebreaker leads ships through Arctic ice.

Build a Coalition for Northern Sea Route Security

By Lieutenant Kyle Cregge and Commander Chris O’Connor, U.S. Navy 
August 2023
Coast Guard Essay Contest—Second Prize, Cosponsored by Susan Curtin and the U.S. Naval Institute. Using multidomain capabilities in concert with allies and partners, the Coast Guard can secure the Arctic.
USS Dewey (DDG-105)

The Navy Must Build More Missiles Now

By Midshipman Second Class Jack Montgomery, U.S. Navy Reserve
August 2023
Midshipmen & Cadets Essay Contest—Third Prize, Sponsored by the U.S. Naval Institute. A stockpile of missiles and a healthy industrial base will be key to winning a potential war in ...

Deploy with Dogs

By Captain John P. Cordle and Commander Bob Alpigini, U.S. Navy (Retired)
August 2023
Dogs have been part of the maritime world for centuries.
PCU Jack H. Lucas (DDG-125)

Now Arriving: Flight III DDGs

By Edward J. Walsh
August 2023
The Navy and Ingalls Shipbuilding made history in June when the company delivered the first Flight III Arleigh Burke–class destroyer—the PCU Jack H. Lucas (DDG-125).
Hurricane Betsy

Asked & Answered

August 2023
For current or past Coast Guard service members, what was the one case (search-and-rescue, law enforcement, pollution response, etc.) that you will never forget?

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