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February 2020
The Naval Institute staff just completed our implementation plan for the new strategic plan. One of the Proceedings team’s goals is to increase the representation of all the “tribes” across ...

CEO Notes

February 2020
WEST 2020 WEST is right around the corner: 2 and 3 March at the San Diego Convention Center! This year’s theme is “Are We Ready for Great Power Competition?” The ...
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy

Iran’s Gray Zone Navy

By Scott Truver
February 2020
Iran’s playbook creates problems for U.S. forces. It “offers an excellent model for achieving strategic objectives by operating in the ‘gray zone’ between peace and open kinetic conflict.”
Quantum Experiments

Leverage Academia for Breakthrough Innovation

By Lieutenant (j.g.) Christopher L. Panuski, U.S. Navy
February 2020
It is difficult to know which future technology will have the greatest warfighting impact, but a closer Navy-academia relationship will accelerate its discovery, development, and deployment.
USS Guardian

The Navy Needs Mariners

By Rik F. van Hemmen, P.E.
February 2020
The Navy may train navigators, or damage control officers, or hundreds of other specialties, but that is nowhere near as important as training mariners.
Naval History and Heritage boat

Consequential Words: Ship Mottos

By Michael Ravnitzky
February 2020
Nearly every U.S. Navy ship has a motto, usually found on the ship’s crest. The crest and motto provide heraldic symbolism that represents the best qualities of the ship, its ...
turning carrier

Good Leaders Encourage Failure

By Lieutenant Commander James E. Brokaw, U.S. Navy
February 2020
To build the most effective combat leaders, our Navy must shed the zero-defect mentality in favor of a culture that encourages and learns from failure.
Shatter the nations bio cover

Book Reviews

February 2020
Experts review a new account that vividly portrays the environment experienced in Iraq and Syria under the regime of ISIS, and James R. Holmes A Brief Guide to Maritime Strategy.
Ships with integrated electric drives

Power for Projection

By Edward J. Walsh
February 2020
Naval Sea Systems Command has stepped up the pace of developing and testing power generation and management technologies for surface ships and submarines.
Chief of Naval Operations

The CNO’s FRAGO: What Comes Next?

By Commander Phillip Pournelle, U.S. Navy (Retired)
February 2020
Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday will need to follow the Commandant of the Marine Corps’ example and provide a courageous vision and strategy for the fleet.

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