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Paul Merzlak
August 2010
The U.S. Coast Guard is one of our great but perhaps underappreciated national treasures. Most of the time the service performs its mission in its usual quiet, professional manner. Only ...

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August 2010
How Does This End? (See J. Patch, pp. 16-17, July 2010 Proceedings) Charles Warren, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary-Piracy ends when the ability to shelter in, and operate from ...
U.S. Coast Guard (David Mosley)

Now Hear This: A Coast Guard in Distress

By Zachary Warrender
August 2010
Conventional wisdom says that 9/11 changed everything-everything, it seems, except the chronic under-resourcing of the U.S. Coast Guard.Despite expanded budgets and increased end-strength during the Bush administration, the service was ...
U.S. Coast Guard (Thomas Mckenzie)

Following a Tough Act

By Art Pine
August 2010
The new Commandant aims to carry on the legacy of Admiral Thad Allen, while putting his own stamp on the service?s future.

Braced for the Next Response

By Dr. Joe DiRenzo III and Vice Admiral James Hull, U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)
August 2010
The Coast Guard's mission following the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was monumental. What if it happens again?
Greenpeace (Alex Hofford)

The Fight for Fish

By Commander Andrew Norris, U.S. Coast Guard
August 2010
A depleted tuna fishery in the western and central Pacific could have an impact on island nations? stability and U.S. security.
U.S. Coast Guard (Larry Kellis)

The Platinum Coast Guard

By Master Chief Boatswain's Mate Ray Bollinger, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve (Retired)
August 2010
The exploits of "Luckless" and "Crash" highlight the difficulties the Coast Guard Auxiliary faces in sorting out the bad guys.
U.S. Air Force (Corey Clements)

What's New About the AirSea Battle Concept?

By Jose Carreno, Thomas Culora, Captain George Galdorisi, U.S. Navy (Retired), and Thomas Hone
August 2010
Is the latest coordination of air and sea assets old wine in new bottles or an effective war-winning strategy?or both?

Help Wanted

By Major General Matthew P. Caulfield, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
August 2010
The program for transitioning veterans into the private sector doesn?t work, but the Marine Corps just might have an answer.
Aerial starboard bow view of the USS Maddox (DD-731) underway.

Tonkin: Setting the Record Straight

By Rear Admiral Lloyd R. "Joe" Vasey, U.S. Navy (Retired)
August 2010
A witness at the inquiry into what happened in August 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin details the incident that escalated the Vietnam War.

Book Reviews

August 2010
Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam WarKarl Marlantes. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 2010. 592 pp. Maps. Glossary. $24.95.Reviewed by Ron BenigoAs Second Lieutenant Weino Mellas, U.S ...
U.S. Coast Guard (Robert Brazzell)

Professional Notes

August 2010
Leading in a Culture of Checklists By Lieutenant Joseph Graham, U.S. Coast Guard In October 2007, the Associated Press reported that the USS Hampton's (SSN-767) commanding officer was relieved ...
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Naval Systems: Minding the Mines, Littorally

By Edward J. Walsh
August 2010
Northrop Grumman's Maritime and Tactical Systems Integrated Product Team early this summer started a series of flight tests of the airborne laser mine-detection system (ALMDS), a key mine-countermeasures (MCM) sensor ...
U.S. Coast Guard (Caleb Critchfield)

World Naval Developments: Too Much Access?

By Norman Friedman
August 2010
A leaking (or spy) scandal that erupted in mid-June may illuminate the issue of cyber security. While in Iraq, U.S. Army Private First Class Bradley Manning offered an organization called ...
U.S. Coast Guard (P.J. Mannis)

Combat Fleets

By Eric Wertheim
August 2010
On 20 June the Russian Slava-class guided-missile cruiser Varyag arrived in San Francisco on a historic visit. The Varyag, flagship of Russia's Pacific Fleet, is the first surface warship ...
Richard Derosset

A Pirate in Harm's Way

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)
August 2010
John Paul Jones-often called a "pirate" by the British in his days of raiding their coasts-once famously mandated that going "in harm's way" was in the job description of American ...

Naval Institute Foundation

August 2010
Tawani Extends U.S. Naval Institute PartnershipThe Tawani Foundation of Chicago has awarded the Naval Institute a three-year, $150,000 grant to support our naval heritage initiatives through 2012. The partnership ...
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August 2010
'All war is deception.' Sun Tzu (544–496 BC) Before e-mail, there was p-mail. As early as the late 1920s the Coast Guard experimented with pigeons for air-to-ground communication from Loening ...

Proceedings Digital Edition

August 2010
A digital edition of the August issue of Proceedings is available for current USNI members to view. The magazine image below is a link to the online magazine and will ...

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