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The U.S. Navy: On the Prowl(er)

By Norman Polmar
October 1999
The most important Navy-Marine Corps contribution to the air war over Yugoslavia—Operation Allied Force—probably was the EA-6B Prowler electronic attack aircraft. Navy and Marine Prowlers provided protection for allied strike ...

Comment & Discussion

October 1999
"Gotta Get the Go-Fast" (See R. Watts, pp. 84-87, September 1999 Proceedings ) Charles M. Fuss, Jr., author of Sea of Grass (Naval Institute Press, 1996)— Lieutenant Commander Watts notes ...

Lest We Forget

By Eric Wertheim
October 1999
Launched on 26 August 1937, the Brooklyn-class light cruiser USS Honolulu (CL-48) was the second U.S. warship to bear that name. The Honolulu was moored at Pearl Harbor Naval Station ...

World Naval Developments

By Norman Friedman
October 1999
China, Spies, and Other Dragons The ongoing Chinese spy scandal is reminiscent of a 50-year old case that rocked the Truman administration. In January 1945, an Office of Strategic Services ...

Combat Fleets

By A. D. Baker III
October 1999
In a rare instance of an older warship losing a guided missile launch capability, the Cameroon Navy's 308-ton, 26-knot Bakassi had facilities to launch up to eight MM 40 Exocet ...

NATO Navies - Kosovo: What the Navies Did

By Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold, Royal Navy, Director, Royal United Services Institute
October 1999
The campaign over Kosovo between March and June of this year was all about the projection of power through and from the air. But it was not all about air ...

Pennant Race

By Captain Raymond J. Brown, U.S. Coast Guard
October 1999
I was not quick-witted as an ensign—and maybe never became so—but at least one time I did manage to close up my thought processes to a high state of readiness. ...

Breaking Naval Aviation's Glass Ceiling

By Commander Dailey
October 1999
Tactical carrier aviators from the support communities (EA-6B, E-2C, S-3B, H-60) do not select for major operational command and subsequently flag officer at the same rate as their F/A-18 and ...

Book Reviews & Books of Interest

October 1999
Sir John Fisher's Naval Revolution Nicholas Lambert. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1999. 410 pp. Photos. Notes. Bib. Index. $39.95 ($37.95). Reviewed by Jon T. Sumida This extraordinary ...

Professional Notes

October 1999
Teaching Military Ethics Within a "Moral Operating System" By Lieutenant Commander John P. Patch, U.S. Navy We arranged the classroom desks in a circle to avoid any semblance of a ...

Invade Brazil?!

By Michael Gannon
October 1999
On 22 February 1942, two-and-a-half months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States invaded and occupied Northeast Brazil. After 12 days of steaming from Hampton Roads, Virginia, ...

Sailors' Time Isn't Free

By Rear Admiral John M. Luecke, U.S. Navy and Rear Admiral Kenneth L. Fisher, U.S. Naval Reserve
October 1999
Three decades of highly prescriptive programs and the inevitable inspections that result have placed an overwhelming burden on the sailors who must implement them. A new initiative from the Chief ...

The 1700 Community Is Worth It

By Lieutenant Kecia A. Dilday, USN
October 1999
The Navy's fleet support officer community faces a stormy and uncertain future while a panel of senior community officers decides whether or not to send its members elsewhere. This study, ...

Round-the-Clock, On-Demand Ordnance

By Captain John W. Mullarky and Lieutenant Commander David A. Schnell, U.S. Navy
October 1999
Just-in-time ordnance delivery can extend a carrier battle group's ability to conduct strike sorties. Using vertical replenishment methods, helicopters transfer ordnance from a nearby combat support ship to the carrier, ...

Don't Ask, Don't Tell…

By Janice M. Graham
October 1999
And don't expect it to hold up in court. Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court refused for the fifth time to consider a legal challenge to the military's "don't ...

Coast Guard Helos: A Call to Arms

By Commander Mike Emerson, USCG
October 1999
Winner, Coast Guard Essay Contest The Commandant of the Coast Guard is considering a change in policy to permit the use of force from aircraft to stop drug smugglers. Armed ...

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