Interoperability: More Important Than Ever

By William D. Smith
April 1998
A commonly articulated concept within the U.S. defense community is that the United States will not fight future conflicts or engage in crisis-response situations without allied support. In the ongoing ...

Who Defines Operational Necessity?

By K. Zelvin
April 1998
Operational Necessity: A mission associated with war or peacetime operations in which the consequences of an action justify accepting the risk of loss of aircraft and crew. (OpNavlnst 3710.7Q) ...

Comment and Discussion

April 1998
"A View from the Gender Fault Line"(See G. D. Roncolato and S. F. Davis, pp. 102104, March 1998 Proceedings)Lieutenant Richard D. Brawley, U.S. Navy-This article is an unnecessary piece of ...

Counterbattery from the Sea

By Major James W. Hammond III, U.S. Marine Corps
April 1998
A landing force needs counterbattery detection and location capability from a shipboard system to fill the gap between landings and the operational capability of its own radars ashore. The AN/SPY-1 ...

Behind Titanic - Way Behind

By Kit Bonner
April 1998
A technical adviser for James Cameron's blockbuster motion picture Titanic takes a look at how they made navy stuff out of movie magic.

Where's the Adventure?

By Lieutenant Robert Carretta, U.S. Naval Reserve
April 1998
This is the question today's junior officers are asking themselves, and with increasing frequency the answer they are coming up with is "It's gone." With it has gone their desire ...

New Tools for New Jobs

By Lieutenant Colonel Kurt C. Reitinger, U.S. Army
April 1998
Unlike combat, operations other than war emphasize nonlethal response, and they require a different set of tools—such as these antipersonnel rigid foams, rubber pellets, rubber-bodied distraction grenades, and anti equipment ...

The Cisco Kid

By Patrick P. Stafford
April 1998
Recently I ran into a former Marine who had been in my platoon during boot camp, and I was reminded of an incident that occurred one night while we were ...

Finally Home, Again

By Richard C. Kurth
April 1998
A Vietnam-era Marine has sentimental memories of his old carrier Kitty Hawk and the sights, sounds, smells, and high emotions that accompanied her homecoming.

Dear Mr. President:

April 1998
We, the officers and crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Persistent, write this letter to offer you new and more efficient ways to fight the war on drugs.As ...

Old Joint Team Needs a New Approach

By Major Christopher M. Bourne, U.S. Marine Corps
April 1998
If the Navy and Marine Corps are serious about bringing their new operational concepts to fruition—and if the nation's oldest joint team intends to be taken seriously in a joint ...

Malachite Subs Post Proud Tradition

By Anatoly V. Kuteinikov
April 1998
Soviet—and now Russian—Bureau “Malachite” has designed submarines for 50 years, starting with Project 617 and including Project 627, the first Russian nuclear-powered submarine.

Nobody Asked Me But…TQL: "They Quit Leading"

By Lieutenant Commander Frank T. Wallace, U.S. Navy
April 1998
The first of Dr. Deming's 14 points of Total Quality Leadership is that an organization should create a constancy of purpose. But the U.S. military has lacked constancy of purpose ...

Nobody Asked Me But...Bearing Zero, Zero, Zero

By Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman Ronald Williams Jr., U.S. Navy
April 1998
The 21st century has arrived. Sailors are returning from liberty and linger with their loved ones prior to departing on a ten-year voyage to a destination where no organization has ...

Professional Notes

April 1998
All Dressed Up—But Where Are We Going?By Lieutenant Commander Jason Hines, U.S. NavyThe USS Nimitz (CVN-68) recently deployed to the Persian Gulf armed with the Joint Stand-Off Weapon (JSOW), one ...

"Down to the Sea…"

By Rear Admiral Robert W. McNitt, U.S. Navy (Retired)
April 1998
Chessie, one of the nine Whitbread Round-the-World racers, and the Navy 44 sloop Swift, one of a class of 20 at the U.S. Naval Academy, are vastly different ...

Book Reviews

April 1998
Citizen SoldiersStephen E. Ambrose. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1997. 471 pp. Bib. Ind. Maps. Notes. Photos. $27.00 ($24.30).Reviewed by Townsend Hoopes This vigorous and popular historian has written ...

Combat Fleets

By A. D. Baker III, Editor, Combat Fleets of the World
April 1998
Outwardly identical to 14 Archer-class, P.2000-design training patrol boats delivered to Britain's Royal Navy between 1985 and 1988, HMS Tracker was completed on 12 January 1998 and was to ...
USS New Orleans (CA-32) at Mare Island in 1945

USS New Orleans (CA-32)

By Eric Wertheim
April 1998
The cruiser USS New Orleans (CA-32) was built at the New York Navy Yard and launched on 12 April 1933. She was commissioned on 15 February 1934. On 5 July, ...

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