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Forgotten Victor

By Vincent P. O’Hara and Stephen McLaughlin
June 2021
The Red Navy entered World War II as an underdog, yet it proved vital to the Soviet Union’s triumph.
Book Cover - The Kaiser's U-Boat Assault on America

Book Reviews

June 2021
Experts review All Present and Accounted For, The Shores of Tripoli board game, and other new and noteworthy books.

Rocket Ships

By Jon Hoppe
June 2021
A pictorial overview of close-in fire support ships developed during World War II.

Why We Remember

Lee Kennedy
June 2021
it is important to reflect on the soldiers, sailors, and airmen that have kept the United States safe.

Swimming Goes to War

By Specialist (Athletics) Third Class Robert L. Haines & Edited by Robert A. Taylor Ph.D.
June 2021
The importance of swimming in winning World War II as told from a March 1945 article in "The Mock-Up".

Who is Captain Snoke?

By John W. Davis
June 2021
It is time to properly identify and honor those American POWs killed during the bombings of the Oryoku Maru and Enoura Maru.
Good Cheer Bag

Good Cheer Bag

By Miranda Summers Lowe, Curator, Armed Forces History
June 2021
World War I care packages for servicemen overseas.