"Saltwater Leadership, Second Edition"

A Primer on Leadership for the Sea Services

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    August 15, 2021
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Saltwater Leadership, Second Edition is about leadership in the maritime environment. The unforgiving, dynamic, and unconquerable nature of the sea requires direct leadership, often with very little margin of error. The unique and common nature of professional life on the sea applies not only to junior naval leaders but also officer and enlisted leaders from the Marines, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines. Based on decades of leadership experiences, Saltwater Leadership covers a wide variety of topics, including basic junior officer leadership, taking care of people, providing forceful backup, leadership and culture, and professional competence. 

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Editorial Reviews

Praise from the first edition of Saltwater Leadership: “I wish I had owned this book when I was a junior officer at sea. I hope you’ll read it, and be a better officer for it. Our nation needs that.” —President George H. W. Bush, LT JG, USNR
Praise from the first edition of Saltwater Leadership:  “Saltwater Leadership is more than a terrific, relevant leadership primer for young officers. It’s a worthwhile read regardless of seniority and a book to be perused often as a valuable, practical leadership course check.” —ADM Gary Roughead, USN (Ret.), Former Chief of Naval Operations
Saltwater Leadership is a small book with lots of wisdom…. Indeed the book’s anecdotes give another insight into U.S. Navy. The authors should be commended for the efforts they have put into this fine book.” —Australian Naval Institute
“This little book can be an interesting reading and help for cadets and junior naval officers of other nations too. In all articles one can see the specifics of a naval officer, formed by the nature of seas, the need of working in teams and the representation of their own country.” —Marine Forum
“Four high-ranking Naval officers offer leadership advice aimed, specifically, at junior officers in the sea services: the Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Merchant Marines. The text also serves up ample lessons for other up-and-coming leaders. Commander Andrew Ledford and Admirals Robert O. Wray Jr., John B. Mustin, and Theodore P. S. LeClair reject command and control leadership, even within the military. Their powerful, instructive stories emphasize caring, openness, continuous learning and trust as the keys to successful leadership.” —getAbstract
“Leadership can be daunting with heroes casting a big shadow and the study of leadership can be overwhelming. Libraries contain leadership books that address academic theories that apply to businesses. But how many are designed specifically for junior officer leaders in the sea services? In a slim, pocket-sized book, Saltwater Leadership captures the collective wisdom of their 100-plus years of successful naval service concisely. It is based on their surveys of 380 other senior leaders and their review of thousands of pages of leadership books. True to the aim of the U.S. Naval Institute’s Blue & Gold Professional Library, the book is an inside job for naval leaders by naval leaders. Readers can practically smell the ocean as they glean solid lessons from trusted seafaring hands…. Highly recommend for all junior officers, officer candidates, and midshipmen.” —DODReads