A Handbook for Civilians in the United States Navy

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    September 1, 2008
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The success of the U.S. Navy in its more than two centuries of existence is due not only to the essential contributions of Sailors on active duty and in the reserve, but to the civilians who have worked as part of the Navy since its earliest days. But active and reserve Sailors go to boot camp or officer candidate school to prepare them for their new (unique) occupation. And the Navy has long provided The Bluejacket’s Manual to incoming Sailors to serve as an introduction and as a continuing reference so that they will feel more comfortable in a new and otherwise alien world, where floors suddenly become decks, where 1337 is a time in the here-and-now instead of a date from ancient history, and where uniforms are anything but! While it is impractical to send all civilian workers to a centralized indoctrination course, it is possible to provide a common reference, specially designed to acquaint civilians with this very special world they have entered. This book is that common reference guide designed specifically for those civilians, who like the Sailors in the Fleet, serve the nation and the Navy, and who need help in understanding where they are and what it is all about. All organizations and occupations have their own idiosyncrasies, and a big step toward “fitting in” has always been learning how to “talk the talk and walk the walk.” Like The Bluejacket’s Manual, this guide provides the words and steps needed to serve as an introduction for new employees and as a ready reference for veteran workers.

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