AI at War

"How Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Are Changing Naval Warfare"

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    April 15, 2021
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Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the most beneficial technological development of the twenty-first century, but it is often misunderstood outside of specialists in the field. AI at War provides a balanced and practical understanding of this dawning new technology, explaining the importance of machine learning, human-machine interfaces, and big data analysis, components that are often omitted or misunderstood. While AI has many potential applications, Tangredi and Galdorisi have brought together more than thirty experts to focus on those elements relating to national security, making clear the importance and the potential of AI in defending the nation and in warfighting. Contributors include Robert Work, former Deputy Secretary of Defense; Admiral James Stavridis, former Commander, Supreme Allied Commander Europe; Admiral Michael Rogers, former Director of the National Security Agency; and Admiral Scott Swift, former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet; as well as scientists and operators who share their theoretical and experiential knowledge of this “game-changing” new field.

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Editorial Reviews

“In clear and crisp prose Tangredi and Galdorisi illuminate the huge promise in mastering [AI] technologies, and the terrible consequences of failing to do so.” —John Lehman, former secretary of the Navy, author of  Oceans Ventured: Winning the Cold War at Sea
“Because AI is going to war with us (in both senses), those interested in the nation’s security must attend to its potentials and perils. There is no better place to start than with this volume, where professionals and academics observe AI’s contribution from more angles than we can imagine.” —Martin C. Libicki, author Cyberspace in Peace and War, distinguished visiting professor, U.S. Naval Academy
“This first class set of essays removes the hype that surrounds the key role that AI will play in the future of naval warfare. It should be read by everyone from warfighters to concerned civilians.” —Joseph S. Nye Jr. is former dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and author of  Do Morals Matter? Presidents and Foreign Policy from FDR to Trump
AI at War is an extremely powerful book that should be read by every national security practitioner, every naval commander, and every concerned citizen. Editors Tangredi and Galdorisi have provided some of the brightest minds within government, industry, and academia the opportunity to weave an intellectual tapestry of profound breadth and depth on the myriad questions related to how Artificial Intelligence will shape future warfare. It is an “instant classic” that will do more to generate needed debate on the subject than any book published in recent decades.” —Capt. John E. Jackson, USN (Ret.), E.A. Sperry Chair of Unmanned and Robotic Systems, U.S. Naval War College, editor of One Nation, Under Drones
AI at War offers an ambitious discussion about the U.S. military’s adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technology…. Tangredi and Galdorisi have done a great job in curating the material and presenting it in an order that takes the reader through the byzantine collection of interlocking policy issues that surround the technologies…. This book is a worthwhile and useful contribution to a serious dialogue about the best way to employ emerging AI and ML technologies in the defense of the United States.” —Journal of Cyber Policy
AI at War provides a practical understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and its application to warfare, especially naval warfare…. Recommend to all readers interested in the future of warfare.” —United Service
“This 451-page book that includes 20 essays casts a wide net and gathers a variety of thought leaders who expound about the potential applications and pitfalls of artificial intelligence and naval warfare.” —National Defense
“The book provides a useful overview to various perspectives on how AI and autonomous systems might shape the way ahead with regard to the evolution of warfare…. It also provides a very useful collection of essays which frame ways to think about AI, big data and C2 might change the future of warfare. It is well worth reading.” —
“Written for a non-technical audience, AI at War will appeal to readers far beyond the military and national security professional.” —Armchair General
AI at War is crammed with information [and is] well and solidly produced.” —Martin van Creveld
“This excellent collection of expertly authored chapters is a well-written, balanced, and highly informative exploration of the current state and future impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on maritime warfighting…. Balanced with regular reminders that AI must be used as an additive C2 enabler, and must not be allowed to become a commanders’ distracting disabler during enemy deception operations, or in contested electronic warfare or cyber-attack environments, the excellent editing and interlinking of the chapters mark this as one of the best volumes on the subject…. Thoroughly recommended to anyone who wishes to develop their understanding of what is an inevitable, but occasionally controversial, next step in the evolution of maritime warfare.” —The Naval Review
"AI at War examines how well the presumptions about AI can be applied to military missions. A carefully curated anthology developed by two military veterans with solid research and academic credentials, Sam Tangredi and George Galdorisi, AI at War does not offer a roadmap, but it clearly identifies barri­ers to embracing AI and maximizing its potential in naval warfare . . . AI at War is practical, insightful, and replete with the kind of healthy skepticism and openness that the defense community should embrace as we enter the fourth industrial revolution. It is a highly commendable product for navigating the challenges and the oppor­tunities of artificial intelligence." — Joint Forces Quarterly

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