Sam J. Tangredi is the Leidos Chair of Future Warfare Studies and professor of national, naval, and maritime strategy at the U.S. Naval War College. A U.S. Naval Academy and Naval Postgraduate School graduate, he earned a PhD in international relations from the University of Southern California. He served a thirty-year naval career as a surface warfare officer and as a strategic planner and leader of strategic planning. He is author of Anti-Access Warfare: Countering A2/AD Strategies.

Articles by Sam Tangredi

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Fighting When the Network Dies

By Captain Sam J. Tangredi, U.S. Navy (Retired)
March 2023
General Prize Essay Contest—Third Prize, Sponsored by Andrew and Barbara Taylor. To beat a technological near-peer in a future war, the Navy will need a reserve “analog” fleet.

Keep War Confined to the ‘Seas’

By Captain Sam Tangredi, U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 2022
General Prize Essay Contest, Third Prize. Sponsored by Andrew and Barbara Taylor. U.S. forces should reorient to confine conflict with China to the maritime, space, and cyber global commons.

Rebalancing the Fleet Round 2

By Captain Sam J. Tangredi, USN
May 2003
Second Prize—Arleigh Burke Essay Contest "A country can, or will, pay only so much for its war fleet…Will you have a few very big ships, or more numerous medium ships ...

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