21st Century Patton

Strategic Insights for the Modern Era

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While General George S. Patton Jr. remains an iconic figure seventy years after his death, few fully appreciate him as a strategic thinker. Indeed, his flamboyant personality often obscures the fact that he was a lifelong student of the military arts, a true strategic visionary, and a unique figure in American military history. This short volume introduces readers to a more complete and nuanced Patton. By tracing his intellectual development and connecting his views on strategic thought and history to the issues of the present day, this book offers a bold, fresh view on the famous general.

Linking Patton’s success as a warfighter to his efforts as a thinker, this book hopes to kindle debate on managing human capital within the military. Most surely the book will demonstrate that—like Patton— the seeds of military success can be planted throughout a lifetime of formal and self-directed study of the military arts.

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Editorial Reviews

“Any person who reads this book will understand why Patton was a successful military leader. His thoughts as expressed in these articles are based on detailed analysis of the situation. After reading this book the image of Patton as a bold and charismatic military leader still stands, because the reader has been provided with an intellectual foundation upon which to build an evaluation of Patton.” —The Journal of America's Military Past
“The book’s contents are impeccably selected, organized and commented upon to demonstrate that Patton’s visible success in war and outward image as a military genius was due to ceaseless and exhaustive preparation. Future military leaders can learn from the general the same lessons for military success which Daniel concludes: ‘For George Patton, success was not an accident’” —Army History
"This tome deserves to be read by anyone interested in military leadership during Peace- and Wartime or directly affected by it, even further, it should downright be worked through by those; even if some of the Statements may not apply anymore to our current situation, they still show expedient approaches that constitute a successful Officer - no matter their executive level." —Austrian Military Journal (OMZ)
"Prof. Daniel. who has written a number of papers on the problem of reconciling traditional ideas on strategy and war with the present apparently non-traditional threats, gives us a critical selection of writings by George S. Patton that offer insights into the general's method of analysis." —The NYMAS Review
"21st Century Patton, a volume in the Naval Institute series 21st Century Foundations, is a valuable read for the insights it offers on the analytic processes employed by a creative military thinker, and ought to be required reading for policy makers and military commanders."  —The Strategy Page
"Patton is mostly remembered for his flamboyant behavior and outrageous statements. This book analyzes Patton as a nuanced and effective military leader." —World War II History Magazine
"...the fifth of seven books in the ongoing and well regarded 21st Century Series; and notably, it is the first book in the series to profile an army officer. I have read five books in the series and can tell you that its success rests on a recipe of three things: fascinating and timeless historical essays from theorists and practitioners of war; passionate editors that plumb the details of each figure's life and writing..."—The Strategy Bridge
"Daniel does well to continuously link Patton's writing to contemporary relevancy, particularly in how the US military continues to integrate increased technological sophistication into its force structures, and the modern struggle of ensuring that officers maintain a theoretical and critical understanding of strategic affairs. This was Patton's strength, his ability to identify key strategic trends and then engage the subject with critical analysis. Patton's writings demonstrate the importance of military history, technological knowledge, and leadership during war and peace. This volume and the writings of George S. Patton are worthy of study by anyone interested in strategic studies and the US military." —Journal of Military and Strategic Studies
21st Century Patton is recommended for those who are interested in one of the finest examples of military leadership and thought that has ever served the United States. Readers will not find this to be a self-help or a ‘how-to’ leadership study. Rather, it is a vignette of thought from which they can create their own conclusions and applications. This work is not solely for military leaders or those interested in the military arts. In fact, leaders from every walk of life can find value within Patton’s discussions of harnessing the human potential of their followers to make something incredible.” —H-Net