21st Century Patton

Strategic Insights for the Modern Era

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While General George S. Patton Jr. remains an iconic figure seventy years after his death, few fully appreciate him as a strategic thinker. Indeed, his flamboyant personality often obscures the fact that he was a lifelong student of the military arts, a true strategic visionary, and a unique figure in American military history. This short volume introduces readers to a more complete and nuanced Patton. By tracing his intellectual development and connecting his views on strategic thought and history to the issues of the present day, this book offers a bold, fresh view on the famous general.

Linking Patton’s success as a warfighter to his efforts as a thinker, this book hopes to kindle debate on managing human capital within the military. Most surely the book will demonstrate that—like Patton— the seeds of military success can be planted throughout a lifetime of formal and self-directed study of the military arts.

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