21st Century Gorshkov

The Challenge of Seapower in the Modern Era

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Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Sergei Georgiyevich Gorshkov led the Soviet Navy for almost three decades during the height of the Cold War. He was the architect of the Red Fleet, turning it from little more than a coastal defense force into the most powerful navy that the Soviet Union ever possessed.

21st Century Gorshkov is a collection of articles, many of which have not previously been published in English, and passages from Admiral Gorshkov’s more famous books, each with an introduction linking the work to the challenges facing navies everywhere today. Strategists worldwide have much to learn from the Soviet legend behind the most rapid naval expansion program in peacetime history. Gorshkov’s ideas on naval power remain relevant today.

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Editorial Reviews

"On the whole, this is an incredibly useful text. Its value is even greater considering that this represents Cold-War-era Soviet naval thinking and as such, represents an incredibly rare look theory and doctrine and the forces that shaped them. It is strongly recommended for anyone deeply interested in the history of sea power during the Cold War. In fact, anyone interested in Soviet history might want to look through the writings, especially Goshkov's role as a political leader and the extent that the party and Soviet political system shaped him and his work. All told, an incredibly enjoyable read and one definitely recommended." —The Northern Mariner