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January 2017
As has been our tradition since 2000, we feature additional surface warfare coverage in the January issue. This year we have a strong lineup of solid content. In addition to ...

CEO Notes

January 2017
2016 Ended WellI am delighted to report the Naval Institute closed out 2016 well in numerous categories.For the fifth year in a row, our membership grew. For the fourth consecutive ...

Comment & Discussion

January 2017
Pizza! Everybody Loves Pizza, But…(See M. Johnson, pp. 76–77, December 2016 Proceedings)Commander Mark Swinger, U.S. Navy––Kudos to Commander Johnson for his excellent analysis on why we all lose with the ...

Information Warfare: Integrate to Dominate

By Commander J. Michael Dahm, U.S. Navy
January 2017
The Information Warfare Community should apply lessons from the Navy’s defeat at the World War II Battle of Savo Island to stay ahead of potential adversaries.This painting by John ...

War Gaming Must Get Red Right

By Captain Dale C. Rielage, U.S. Navy
January 2017
An expert in-house adversary is a powerful tool for the fleet. U.S. Naval War College (Dan Kuester)al War College in the 1880s, asserted that the key to success was “a ...

Indispensability Is Not Enough

By Lieutenant Commander Kevin Duffy, U.S. Coast Guard
January 2017
A claim of indispensabilty—even if true—is too abstract to convince citizens and stakeholders of the value of the Coast Guard. The service must tailor its message to each unique beneficiary ...

All the Queen's Ships

By James C. Bennett
January 2017
Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II participates in a Fleet Review. (ALAMY) The prospect of a unified European military, only recently seen by many as an inevitable step, recently received ...

The Best Job in the Navy

By Commander Sharif H. Calfee, U.S. Navy
January 2017
The author—with his executive officer, Commander Ed Sundberg (center), and Command Master Chief (SW/AW) LorenRucker (right)—observes replenishent at sea from the starboard bridge wing on the USS McCampbell (DDG-85). (PHOTO ...

We Can Prevent Surface Mishaps

By Captain John Cordle, U.S. Navy (Retired)
January 2017
To strengthen our profession, we must change our lessons-learned culture one SWO at a time.The USS Porter’s (DDG-78) collision with M/V Otowassan was recreated in simulator for prospective surface ...

Distributed Lethality Requires Distributing Authority

By Lieutenant (junior grade) Andrew Beeler, U.S. Navy <p>
January 2017
The 2015 Proceedings article “Distributed Lethality” outlined the theory that came to define the surface Navy in the second decade of this century.1 In essence, the premise is that surface ...

In Charge

Dan Daly
January 2017
One year ago, on 12 January 2016, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy captured ten U.S. Navy personnel (one officer and nine enlisted sailors) and seized two Navy riverine boats. One ...

“New” Russian Navy: Part 2

By Norman Polmar and Michael Kofman
January 2017
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?Remnants of the once great Soviet fleet still comprise much of the Russian Navy. Here the Black Sea Fleet Kashin-class destroyer Smetlivyy, in service since ...

Book Reviews

January 2017
Tribe: On Homecoming and BelongingOn a May 2016 interview with The New York Times, Sebastian Junger was asked what books he most recommended for others to read on the subject ...

Professional Notes

January 2017
Strategic Sealift OfficersMake Great SWOsBy Commander Justin Harts, U.S. NavyIn a time of tight budgets and rapidly evolving operational concepts, today’s surface Navy is seeking new ways of ...

World Naval Developments

By Norman Friedman
January 2017
Theater Missile Defense Is Destabilizing?An ongoing dispute about missile defense in the Far East echoes some Cold War arguments. In the wake of North Korean missile tests, the South Koreans ...

From Our Archive

Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)
January 2017
"Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em ‘certainly I can!’ Then get busy and figure out how to do it.”On 26 June 2016, the SS ...
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Charting A Course -Navy Needs a New Cruiser

By Captain Kevin S. Eyer, U.S. Navy (Retired)
January 2017
This approach is in stark comparison to what many consider to be the gold standard of ship design and construction—i.e., the program that led to the Aegis Ticonderoga (CG-47)-class cruiser. ...
(Antarctic Ocean Alliance)

Oceans - Keep Out of the Ross Sea

By Don Walsh
January 2017
Keep Out of the Ross SeaIn October 2016, the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) created a new marine protected area (MPA) in the Ross Sea ...
Rear Admiral Daniel Gallery, U.S. Navy on the bridge of the German U-Boat U-505

With U-boat in Tow

By A. Denis Clift
January 2017
Dan Gallery cut a colorful path during his 44-year naval career. His parents decreed that three of their four sons would go into the Navy and the fourth would enter ...

Leadership Forum - Integrity Is Not Binary

By Lieutenant William Spears, U.S. Navy
January 2017
Second Prize Winner: 2016 Leadership Essay Contest Sponsored with Dr. J. Phillip London and CACI InternationalIntegrity Is Not BinaryIntegrity is not black and white. Just as division officers perform zone ...
U.S. Navy (Andrew Schneider)

Commentary - Sea Control First

By Vice Admiral Thomas A. Rowden, U.S. Navy
January 2017
Sea Control FirstOur Navy must control the sea to project power anywhere around the globe. Yet despite the primacy of sea control to all other naval operations and to our ...

Now Hear This - Another Course Change for LCS

By Captain Anthony Cowden, U.S. Navy
January 2017
Another Course Change for LCSThe Navy has scrapped “3-2-1” crew manning of the Littoral Combat Ships (LCSs) in favor of a Blue-Gold crew concept. It also will permanently assign ...
U.S. Navy (A.P. Turretto)

Combat Fleets

By Eric Wertheim
January 2017
This past November, the United States and New Zealand put decades of nuclear controversy behind them as the USS Sampson (DDG-102) sailed for Auckland to celebrate the New Zealand Navy’s ...

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