U.S. Navy (Kenneth Abbate)

The Coming Naval Century

By Robert O. Work
May 2012
The Navy and Marine Corps strategic vision aligns with the President’s new guidance for sustaining U.S. global leadership.
U.S. Navy (Clay Weis)

Building on a 200-Year Legacy

By Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, U.S. Navy
May 2012
The Chief of Naval Operations stresses the importance of the War of 1812 to the Navy during its bicentennial observances.

Proceedings Digital Edition

May 2012
A digital edition of the May issue of Proceedings is available for current USNI members to view. The magazine image below is a link to the online magazine and will ...
U.S. Navy (James R. Evans)

Editor's Page

May 2012
Each May our Naval Review gives readers the opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of the Sea Services during the past calendar year while also attempting to look ahead to ...

CEO Notes

May 2012
The enthusiastic reaction to the Naval Institute’s Strategic Plan initiatives and the number of energized members present at the Annual Meeting on 11 April were unmistakable signs that the Institute ...

Comment and Discussion

May 2012
Shooting for the Middle(See C. Schlise, pp. 64–67, April 2012 Proceedings)Captain Anthony Cowden, U.S. Navy—Lieutenant Commander Schlise has made an important and valuable contribution to the discussion ...
U.S. Coast Guard (Harry A. Craft III)

From the Deckplates - A Kid with a Dream

By Senior Chief Jim Murphy, U.S. Navy (Retired)<p>
May 2012
Vince Patton, the eighth Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard and former chairman of the U.S. Naval Institute Editorial Board, recently reminisced on social media about joining the ...

Notable Naval Books of 2011

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler U.S. Navy (Retired)
May 2012
Our rundown of the previous year’s 20 top books of note for Sea Service professionals covers the literary waterfront.
U.S. Navy (Mavis Tillman)

Special - Officers Eat First

By 1st Lieutenant Patrick Darcey, U.S. Marine Corps<p>
May 2012
Cultural hurdles await Marines returning aboard ships after fighting on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.
U.S. Navy (P.D. Lawlor)

U.S. Navy in Review

By Scott C. Truver and Robert Holzer
May 2012
It was a full-ROMO—as in full “range of military operations”—year for the U.S. Navy. As Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Jonathan Greenert noted in his Fiscal Year 2013 Posture ...
Lockheed Martin

U.S. Naval Aviation and Weapons Development in Review

By Commander Jan C. Jacobs, U.S. Navy Reserve (Retired)
May 2012
With the implementation of budget constraints as a result of the congressional cost-cutting measures of 2011, most, if not all, of the Navy’s weapon-procurement programs will be affected in some ...
U.S. Marine Corps (Jason C. Morrison)

U.S. Marine Corps in Review

By Lieutenant Colonel John C. Berry Jr., U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
May 2012
During 2011, U.S. Marines continued the fight in Afghanistan, conducting aggressive and decentralized operations that allowed them to retain the initiative in Helmand Province, generally considered one of that country’s ...
U.S. Coast Guard (Patrick Kelly)

U.S. Coast Guard in Review

By Joe DiRenzo and Chris Doane
May 2012
In 2011 the U.S. Coast Guard continued its mission by responding to devastating hurricanes, floods, and droughts; interdicting maritime threats to our nation; supporting defense operations around the world; and ...
U.S. Coast Guard (J. Johnson)

Combat Fleets

By Eric Wertheim
May 2012
The first of the new U.S. Coast Guard Sentinel-class cutters was delivered in February. Up to 58 of the new ships, also known as Fast Response Cutters, are planned. The ...

Book Reviews

May 2012
Mr. and Mrs. Madison’s War: America’s First Couple and the Second War of IndependenceHugh Howard. New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2012. 384 pp. Illus. Notes. Index. $30.00.Reviewed by David ...
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From Our Archive

May 2012
‘­­‘The end crowns all,And that old common arbitrator, Time,Will one day end it.’William Shakespeare (1564–1616)A sailor on board the USNS Mercy (T-AH-19) lowers the national ensign at the ...

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