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By Robert Timberg, Editor-in-Chief
June 2008
Now Pitching for ProceedingsBullet Bob Feller!With this issue we launch a new monthly feature that we hope will entertain, inform, and inspire. We also hope it will ...
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Widen the Lens for JHSV

By Commander Robert K. Morrison III, U.S. Navy, and Lieutenant Commander Phillip E. Pournelle, U.S. Navy
June 2008
While current strategy relegates the joint high-speed vessel to serving only as sea-base connector, it can do much more.

From Our Archive

June 2008
'The Navy does not like submarines because there is no deck to strut on.'-John P. Holland (1841-1914)FIRST OF MANY Like a prairie dog peeking from its burrow, John P ...
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Extraordinary American

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 2008
In many ways, John J. "Jack" Schiff typified that once very large and now rapidly dwindling group of extraordinary Americans that Tom Brokaw so aptly characterized as "the greatest generation." ...

Combat Fleets

By Eric Wertheim
June 2008
The British Royal Navy's Trafalgar-class nuclear-powered attack submarine HMS Torbay returned to service this past April following an extensive year-long modernization. Improvements to the submarine, which displaces 5,200-tons (submerged) ...

U.S. Navy: Underwater Trailblazers

By Norman Polmar
June 2008
Probably the two most significant submarines to have joined the U.S. Fleet were the USS Holland (SS-1) in 1900 and the USS Nautilus (SSN-571) in 1954. Both were firsts—the first ...
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Professional Notes

June 2008
Time for the Truly Stealth SubmarineBy Donald J. KazimirMuch has been accomplished to quiet submarines over the years—to make them undetectable. Methods used include sound-mounting machinery, insulating the hull to ...

Books in Brief

Colonel Gordon W. Keiser, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
June 2008
The USS Puffer in World War II: A History of the Submarine and Its Wartime Crew Craig R. McDonald. Jefferson, NC: MacFarland and Company, 2008. 319 pp. Illus. Maps. Bib ...

Book Reviews

June 2008
Forgotten Continent: The Battle for Latin America's SoulMichael Reid. New Haven, CT and London: Yale University Press, 2007. 384 pp. $30.Reviewed by Colonel John C. McKay, U.S. Marine Corps ...

Opportunity at Hand: New Roles for Carriers

By Brigadier General Robin P. Swan, U.S. Army, and Captain Edward J. Horres, U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 2008
Using aircraft carriers to insert Army ground forces ashore may resolve the long debate over the carriers role and value.
Department of Defense

Special: The Long Journey Home

By Michael Williams
June 2008
It took 65 years, but the remains of a Sailor reported missing after his ship was sunk in World War II are finally laid to rest in the shadows of ...

Comment and Discussion

June 2008
'Worse Than A Crime-A Mistake'(See J. M. van Tol, pp. 24-27, May 2008 Proceedings)Master Chief Torpedoman's Mate (Surface Warfare/Air Warfare) M. R. Vimislik, U.S. Navy—Captain van Tol ...

The Polaris Partnership

By Midshipman First Class David Taweel, U.S. Naval Academy
June 2008
A Naval Academy midshipmen tells how a deal between the United States and Britain trumped the Soviet missile threat.
Eric Smith

Fitting Submarines into the Fleet

By Rear Admiral William J. Holland Jr., U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 2008
Stealth is both a blessing and a curse for nuclear-powered submarines, even slipping under the radar of their own Navy.
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Throw Down the Gauntlet

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)
June 2008
By most accounts, the recent airing of the PBS documentary Carrier has been well-received. In the genre of reality shows, it is certainly a welcome alternative to such programs as ...
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Now Hear This: The Oil Gauge of National Security

By Commander Jeffrey W. Eggers, U.S. Navy
June 2008
Most discussions on the national security consequences of our dependence on petroleum cover ground that is well-trodden. A 2006 Council on Foreign Relations study concluded that "the lack of sustained ...
U.S. Navy photo (Steven King)

Firing on the Up Roll: No Good Deed

By Harlan Ullman
June 2008
It is said that no good deed goes unpunished. During President George W. Bush's first term and under the leadership of CNO Vern Clark and Navy Secretary Gordon England, the ...

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