A Commerce Raider Off New York

By Carlos C. Hanks
September 1940
Commerce raiding within sight of the headlands of New York Harbor, and the threat of a daring foray to burn ships in the East River, as well as to shell ...

The Neutrality Zone of the Americas

By Lieutenant Commander F. J. Nelson, U. S. Navy
September 1940
Within a month after the outbreak of the present European war, rep­resentatives of the 21 republics of the Western Hemisphere assembled in the City of Panama to chart a course ...

Oil for Troubled Waters

By Ensign Hobart Key, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve
September 1940
“Memory—Thou Naughty Elf”The United States now has several oil reserves designed by the Congress to furnish an available source of fuel supply to the Navy in time of national emergency ...

From Greenland's Icy Mountains

By Lieutenant Commander Charles Moran, U. S. Naval Reserve
September 1940
IIn the “cockeyed war” we are witness­ing, any out-of-the-way corner of the globe may suddenly assume an impor­tance that would have seemed impossible before the submarine and the airplane wrought ...

German Naval Strategy in 1914

By Dr. Waldo Chamberlin
September 1940
The tremendous success of the Ger­man Blitzkrieg in Norway and the Low Countries in 1940 cannot but draw forth comparisons with the actions of the German High Command in 1914 ...

Polynesian Navigation

By David J. Edwards
September 1940
Through what may be considered as erroneous usage, the term Polyne­sian Navigation has come to possess two distinct meanings. In the first place, it has been used to denote the ...

Motor Torpedo Boats

By H. T. Robertson, B.M. 1C, U. S. Navy
September 1940
A force of motor torpedo boats, each carrying two torpedoes, two depth charges, one 50-caliber machine gun, and one 1.1-inch anti-aircraft weapon would be an ideal defense for any impor­tant ...

Britain's Junior Navies

By Donald Cowie
September 1940
It is not generally realized that there is more that one British Navy. Many people, indeed, were at a loss to under­stand the press reports that H.M.S. Achil­les, doughty little ...

Discussions, Comments and Notes

September 1940
Oil for Troubled Waters(See page 1253, this issue)Rear Admiral H. A. Stuart, U. S. Navy.—During the year 1939, the United States produced approximately 1,255,783,­000 barrels (60.68 per cent) and ...

Book Reviews

September 1940
The Art of Modern Warfare. By Colonel Herman Foertsch, of the German General Staff. New York: Veritas Press, Inc. 273 pages. 1940. $2.75.Reviewed by Major R. McC. Pate, U ...

Notes on International Affairs

September 1940
Britain Faces InvasionPeace Refused.—In an hour-and-a half speech before the Reichstag on July 19 Fuehrer Hitler reviewed the Reich’s military achievements and at the end offered England the alternatives of ...

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